Chapter Eleven: Jealous

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I decided to change the subject.

"So, are you coming to school tomorrow?"

"Yeah, I think the stomach bug has finally 'buggered off.'

I giggled at her corny joke.

The next morning...

"Come on, Kate, we're going to be late!" I pulled her out of her bedroom and we raced outside. If we didn't hurry now, we would tardy. Eventually, we reached school with 5 minutes to spare.

In homeroom, I noticed Ryan and Alex deep in a conversation. Alex had a t-shirt with dark jeans on, with his signature messy hair. Ryan was wearing an underarmor sweatshirt, khaki shorts and sneakers. He looked adorable, like always. Heart pounding, I moved towards them. Ryan looked up at me.

"Speak of the devil!" Alex grinned. They were talking about me?! Taking my seat in between them, I gulped.

"Y-you were talking about me?" I asked hesitantly.

Ryan nodded, smiling. "Good things, though don't worry." He looked at Alex, then they both burst out laughing. I scowled and crossed my arms, hating the fact that I was excluded from some inside joke.

"So, babe," Alex started again, "I missed you." What?! Oh yeah, I was 'dating' him. I gave him a tight smile. But, then an idea sprung to me. I read in some teen magazine that you should make guys want you.

"I missed you more," I grinned and leaned over to give Alex a peck of the cheek. But before he would even react, Ms. Cohen began talking. I snuck a glance at Ryan, who looked distance with the faintest hint of a blush on his cheeks. It was adorable. I was so engrossed in checking him out, I didn't even notice Ms. Cohen announce a partner project. I snapped back into reality only when she said my name.

"Cassandra and Alex, you two will be working together."

How come all the forces of the universe were working against me?!


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