Chapter Eight: Decisions, Decisions...

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'Ello gov'nor.

What'cha guys think is gonna happen?



"Cass...." He trailed off, just rubbing my back comfortingly. I sobbed into his shirt. Eventually, I ran out and stood up properly.

"Honestly, he probably would have," I shuddered, "taken me if you hadn't shown up." Alex smiled, his dimples showing.

"Go and get some sleep, cupcake."

What time was it? I groaned as my hand felt for my phone on my nightstand. I peeked at it.

9 am.

Yay! (Note the sarcasm) I think I'll spend another today alone-wait, I have Alex!

Plus, my parents-

*insert curse word here*

"Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god..." I mumbled as I sprinted to the guest room.

Alex was strewn across the bed. Aww, he looked so pea- SNAP OUT OF IT CASS! I shook him.

"GET UP!" I hissed.

"Hmm? Whrfreglrtay..." He muttered. I had no choice. I grabbed some ice-cold water from the fridge and poured it on him. He jumped awake.


"Go! My parents will be here soon!" I growled. Alex looked at me. It was only then I realized what I was wearing. I was in short-shorts, and a white tank top that you could clearly my hot pink bra through.

"Oh, so are we gonna we gonna have a forbidden love?" Alex smirked, grabbing his jacket. I rolled my eyes and grabbed his arm.

"Just go!"

"Yeah, sure, whatever you say, babe."

"Thank you!" I shoved him outside.

"Wait!" He stopped me closing the door with his foot. His hands fiddled around in his pocket for a bit, before they came up with a pen. Without a word, he grabbed my hand and began scribbling something. Then, he was gone. I looked at my hand.

'Alex-862-435-6789 (call me xx)'


Should I? I picked up my phone. Nah, better not. Then again.... my parents were back home, doing some work in their offices. We had a sort of win-win situation. They trusted me, so they left me alone. Plus, they were knee-deep in work for their business, so they didn't really have time for me. I was currently contemplating texting Alex. Maybe I should...after our almost-kiss last night, I felt pretty awkward. It struck me to ask Kate. I texted her.

"Come to your brother's window."

So, you know in movies, when best friends live right next to each other and their windows are right next to each other, so they can talk? Yeah, that was never true. My window lined up with her older brother's window! Awkward right? But luckily, he was in college and he was like a brother to me, so it was okay. I slid my window open and in a second, there was Kate, leaning outside.

"OMG, I heard what happened! Are you okay? Tell me all the details!" She practically screamed. I told her the whole story up to now and at the end she was silent. Then, a smirk lit up her face.

"So, he's your knight in shining armor, huh?"

"Shut up, he would have done that for anyone!" I rolled my eyes, but I couldn't help feel special. Stop it Cass! He was being a kind human being!

"Text him."

"I'm okay..." I trailed off, staring at the floor.

"Do it or I will rip that phone out of your hands and do it myself." She smiled sweetly.

"Hehe..... Okay, fine, JEEZ!" I gave up. Taking a deep breath, I selecting his contact and typed a simple, 'Hey.'

 "Kate! We're going shopping!" Kate's mom called. Kate smiled.

"Got to go! Text me later!" And with that she was gone. But a moment later my phone beeped.

'Funny I was just thinking of you.'

My heart skipped a beat.

Alex was thinking of me.

'Um... Y?' I typed back, eagerly waiting a response.

'I was waiting to see how long you could stand not talking to me :'

I rolled my eyes, laying down on my bed.

'Jerk. BTW, I only did bc Kate forced me too!'

'Yeah... Uh huh.... Sure.'

'It's true! She said she would kill me if I didn't!' I tweaked the truth a little. Smiling, I laid down on my bed.

'Whatever, you say.... O, I was thinking about asking Violet on a date, what do you think? ;)'

My heart stopped and I forgot to breath.

'Me and her have an awkward past.... But she's a COMPLETE female dog.

'O, look at sweet little Cassandra, with her innocent little language. What type of past?'

Groaning on frustration, I turned over on my back.

'Just.... Awkward. We were friends, then we weren't. Nuff said.'

Feeling as if he would press the matter, I added a quick 'gtg, bye.'

Letting out a breath, I never knew I was holding, I started some homework.



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