Chapter 1

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This is a new story I'm working on. I've wanted to post one like this for a while but I didn't think it appropriate since I'm writing a disney story. I dont enjoy writing that anymore since I started it when I was fourteen... and now I'm eighteen and just... growing out of it.

So yeah.. I hope you give this book a chance <3

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I watched my brother talking with my father about something important and frowned at how I was being excluded. "Simon?" I called over to my brother, while chewing a nutri-grain bar.

He glanced back at me and there was a solemn look on his face, telling me not to interfere. I growled lowly and pushed myself off the stool, leaving the kitchen.

My father was currently the Alpha but soon my brother would be next in line. They talk about such important stuff and leave me in the shadows. Not that I care though.. being a Luna seemed like way to much drama so I was happy Simon was the eldest.

I walked down the hall and entered my room on the right, with an annoyed sigh. I hated being excluded.HATED IT! They seriously underestimate us she-wolves. Of course, my dad put me in charge of the hunters and second in command of the fighters, so I was okay with that.

My eyes snapped up as my door opened and Simon walked in with, bags were clear under his eyes. "Knock next time" I muttered then pushed over allowing him to sit next to me on the bed. Dad would never tell me what's going on, 'to keep my safe', But Simon always let me in.

"What's happening?" I asked him and he wiped his brow as if he were sweating before shrugging.

"We don't know. Killings have been happening lately in the neighbouring town and they aren't normal. We're not sure if it's werewolves but it's more than we can handle" He huffed and I eyes him curiously.

"More than we can handle?" I pushed him to tell me more.

"We sent out some of our strongest warriors. One didn't make it and the others came back severly injured" I frowned when he told me this. Why wasn't I told any of this, I was second in command. He noticed my reaction and shook his head.

"So, why not just get the Red Oasis Pack to join up with us.. that's what they usually do" I pulled my legs up and folded them over, interested in what was going on.

"They.. can't at the moment. And some of the head members of the pack are thinking of joining up with the... Moon Lupis Pack" My eyes grew wide when he said this.

"THEY'RE OUR RIVAL PACK!" I almost growled and he pursed his lips with a nod of his head, "There Alpha would never agree to this and neither am I".

Simon chuckled at my attitude and shook his head. "It's not definite yet Maisie, calm down" I folded my arms over, slightly annoyed at not being included in this.

"What makes you think they'd want to join us... we had war with them. They're one of the strongest packs going" I muttered, laughing inside at this massive joke.

He shrugged his shoulders and put himself up. "Father and I... we're going to have a meeting with there Alpha and beta" My jaw dropped in astonishment.

"What?! They agreed to meet you?!" I almost shouted before he covered my mouth, indicating me not to be too loud.

"SIMOOOOOON!" A girl screeched and zoomed around the corner into my room and flying into Simon's arms. I blinked, watching as he was thrown back and my face scrunched up.

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