Chapter 24

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Okay so here's the new chapter there is slight content in this chapter for older readers so let me warn you and as always I hope you enjoy! (Not edited)



"You're going to start drooling if you don't stop staring. Don't worry though, I enjoy feeling your boobs against me." I jumped slighty when I heard Asher's teasing voice but just scowled at him, hitting him lightly with my hand.

"Just take a nap" I growled as I rested my head properly on his chest, feelingit move up and down from him chuckling. I rolled my eyes and let out a frustarted groan but he finally stopped and obediently shut his eyes.

After what seemed to be only one second I heard his light snores, his breath tickling me whenever he breathed out. I took in the scent of his clothes and felt my body vibrate slightly.


I didn't even realise that I had been nodding off to sleep aswell until my eyes shut fully and fell into dreamland.


My eyes fluttered opened, blinking furiously to see where I was. Something moved beneath my head and I attempted to push myself up but was restrained by something.

An arm.

Asher's arm.


How long had I been asleep? I gently lifted Asher's arm up and placed it against the pillow, stopping when he mumbled something and stirred in his sleep. I didn't want to wake him, he needed sleep.

My arm felt slightly weird and I examined it but nothing seemed wrong. As I stood out of the bed I noticed a note on the bedside table. I bent over and picked it up between my thumb index finger before opening it quietly.

Maisie, the nurse took your tempature and blood pressure... My lord, you are a heavy sleeper. Me and Eva snapped some pictures of you and Asher ;) You're so cute. Anyway just wanted to let you know, that the nurse said you're good to go..but you shouldn't go, since you love it here? Anyway, I'm going on my patrol now so I'll talk to you soon.

I couldnt help but smile at the letter but I would kill them later about the pictures. I turned back to Asher.. he looked adorable when he slept. My eyes landed on a door I adn't entered and I assumed it was the bathroom attached to this room.

After finding a towel, I showered, lotioning my body with lavender scent and washing my hair with some strawberry smelling shampoo. Good for boosting volume huh? I stayed in the shower for a while, it felt way better than the one at home.

After what seemed like half an hour, I shut it off and exited the shower, wrapping the purple towel around me that went up to my thigh. With the other small towel I began drying my hair, rubbing it repeatedy until no more drops were dripping.

I left the room, closing the door behind me and smiled at the still sleeping Asher. He could probably sleep through a storm. Well so could I.. but still.

I glanced around the room and spotted a wardrobe in the corner. I didn't want to wear the same clothes I had already been wearing.. for reasons. I walked over and opened it,glancing through all the clothes.

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