Chapter 3

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Only recently started reading Ambers stories and there awesome! You should checkher out if you havent already :)


"Why is it taking so long?" I frowned while Lauren's eyes were fixed on me, the goofy grin on her face. Yes, I had told her about the dream and she would not leave me alone it.

"Calm down Maisie, it's only half an hours 'till we go" She sang, "Now time to talk about last night.". I scowled and turned toward her, shaking my head repeatedly.

"Please no, I'm scarred from that and I just managed to get it out of my head" I frowned and she began to laugh. I turned away from her and rested my head on my hand, waiting for my Father and Simon to return.

I was kind of excited to meet the Moon Lupis pack. I wanted pick a fight with them after they injured several of our pack members but my father made me promise him I would behave which sucks.

"So... you're a sub?" I was pulled from my train of thoughts when Lauren spoke. I turned toward her for a moment then turned away. I was not in the mood to talk about this.

I almost jumped up and hugged Simon when the door opened. "FINALLY!" I cried in excitement and he just raised his eyebrows in question.

"Are you two ready? Dad and I have to head now a bit earlier than everyone else. Can you catch up then?" He asked, but his eyes were more set on Lauren.

Wow, stupid mates.

"Yea of course" She beamed and gave him a peck on the lips, "Be careful.". He smiled down at her before pulling her into his chest.

"Mhm, you too. I love you" He kissed her hair before turning and leaving us in the kitchen. ONly nw did I realise my face was scrunched up.


Lauren rolled her eyes and my reaction. "Do you want to go in wolf form or what?" She asked and I hesitated.

"We can go in wolf form but bring spare clothes." I offered and she nodded her head.

"Wait no, let's walk or drive. Your wolf is way prettier than mine and I'm not okay with that" She said, changing her mind for a stupid reason.

"It's just because I was born in royal bloods" I responded and she shrugged, "If we head now and walking, we'll make it on time".

I let out an annoyed sigh but finally agreed. I was bringing spare clothes... just incase.


"Lauren it's already eleven!" I snapped and she just shrugged like she always did. I gripped the loose backpack on my shoulders which carried our clothes.

"We're almost there. Anyway they probably won't even notice" She laughed and right when she said that we entered the clearing. The small rushing waterfall and little lake like pond thing was on the right.

On the left there was a dozen wolves on each side, facing each other and I knew Simon and my father were at the front but I couldn't see them due to the wolf.

I quickly ran forward with Lauren at my heels and pushed through the wolves as I heard voices at the front.

"I think you agree that cooperating isn't the best idea, so I'm rejecting the offer" I heard a husky voice from the opposite side. I finally popped through the crowd of wolves and hopped out beside Simon with Lauren.

She quickly shuffled over the other side and I turned to face my father. "Sorry.. we became sort of lost" I muttered and he let out a small laugh and shook his head before his eyes became serious again and he looked across.

"Alpha Asher, this is my daughter."

"Hello... Alpha" I said the last word a bit to mean, "My name is Maisie Ashford" I looked up and suddenly regretted it.

The alpha stared at me, his eyes filled with surprise and.. something else. He had messy golden brown hair and his green eyes didn't leave my sight once. He was well built but not to muscular and he had perfect posture.

But what happened next made me want to crawl back home.

My heart sped up and I felt like someone had shocked me. Butterflies appeared in my stomach and my body began to feel weak while a tingling feeling took over. I felt a bond between us and I knew what was happening when I felt my knees buckle and want to fall into his arms.


I tried to fight my weak knees and stay strong but I finally gave in not being able to handle it. My knees buckled and I fell to my knees bowing down. No not in front of everyone. I had to do something.

I grabbed my heart and made a yelping noise, throwing myself to the side. Only now did my father notice and he ran to my side his eyes wide.

"Maisie... Mai are you okay?" His voice sounded extremely worried, making me feel slightly bad for acting up like this.

I let out a few breaths and pushed myself up, hoping that no-one realised what actually happened. "Sorry... I felt bad earlier but I really wanted to go. I should go home" I whispered and my eyes looked up to Simon and Lauren who shared a knowing look.

They knew.

My father helped me sit up properly and I let out a fake cough. I couldn't help but to look in the Moon Lupis pack's direction and quickly regretted it. The Beta had his eyes glued to the alpha and whispered something important.

Then everyone seemed to be communicating in mind link. So everyone in there pack knew... well shit.

I looked toward the Alpha and he stared at me, amusement dancing in his eyes. He tilted his head as I met his eyes, interested at the little show I put on.

His eyes narrowed and he looked over my body before biting his lip and winking at me. My face flushed a hot red and before I could stop I shouted, "NO!".

"Maisie? Maisie, what's wrong?" My father was concerned now as he brought me to my feet, "Are you okay?".

I nodded my head. "Sorry, sorry.. thought it was going to happen again" I lied, "Can I please go home now?". He nodded his head in understanding and looked at the rest of the pack who were in there wolf form.

They had there eyes glued to me with concern but when I turned to Simon he narrowed his eyes, making me blush and turn away. How would I explain this?!

"We're all going home. We are not co-operating with the Moon Lupis pack, it would never work out... after everything that has happened.." He narrowed his eyes and turned to Alpha Asher wh no broke his gaze from me and onto my father.

"Come on honey, let's go. Simon can you let her ride on your back?" He asked and Simon nodded his head. He was about to transform into his wolf before Alpha Asher ruined it.

"Wait" His voice was loud and commanding. It was pretty amazing for a nineteen year old.. or twenty to be an Alpha and have such a strong pack.

Everyone turned toward him and his eyes were now focused on my father.

"I think we should reconsider... if it's a massive crisis it would be better to solve it." He told my father who narrowed his eyes at his change of plans.

"What makes you say that?" My dad replied and a smirk appeared on Asher's face.

"Oh believe me.." His eyes flicked to me in excitement, "I have my reasons".


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