Chapter 44

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"If I be your mate... You'll let everyone go?" I asked and I noticed him tilt his head. He shook his was with a slight laugh.
"I'll let a few go. Like... That girl there" he nodded to Lauren " but your family must die and those related to you." My jaw tightened and I narrowed my eyes at him.

"And Yasmin?"

"Of course she's dying too" I glared at how he put it right in front of her. She was so young, you don't say that type of shit in front if kids but I suppose he was sick and twisted.

I nodded my head slowly, "I see... And I'll get of this unharmed?" I asked and I could almost see his from behind his mask.
"Hmm? You are interesting aren't you? Yes you'd most likely get out of this unharmed.
"Okay... I -" My voice caught in my throat before my legs buckled underneath me and I began shaking violently, losing air, only thing I could hear was Asher screaming my name.


Fear set in.

Panic... Fear...

What if this plan didn't work? What if he saw through it?

"What's going on?!" The 'father's' voice boomed and I held back a smile. This could work. I continued to put on this fake episode, trying to foam at my mouth before I heard a small scream like grunt.

"You brat!" The voice boomed and I sat up to see Yasmin biting the man's hand before tearing the remote out of his hand, making sure not to hit the button. She let go and began to run before he grabbed her foot causing her to trip and let out a small scream.

It seemed out of nowhere two men appeared and dived in front of Simon and Asher as they ran to get to Yasmin. Simon was tackled down but Asher saw the man and swung just in top, his fist connecting to his jaw.

I looked around frantically, my heart thumping in my chest. The room seemed weak and the top of the roof was crumbling so I understood why no-one shifted into their wolves.

I pushed myself from the ground and went to run to Yasmin when I was tackled to the ground. My head slammed against the ground and I let out a small cry. I opened my eyes and the room seemed to be spinning for a moment before my eyes locked onto Manny on top of me.

I noticed Asher look at me and I shook my head, telling him that I'd be fine and to run on and get Yasmin. I noticed Manny bring up his fist and I moved my head out of the way just in time. "Get off me!" I growled ignoring the pain int he back of my head as I kicked him off me.

I was taken back when his hand grappled around my neck, squeezing it tightly causing me to splutter. "Where are my brothers and sister?!" He growled threateningly and only now did I realise how strong he was.

My hands went up to his as I tried to pull them off, losing my breath slowly. When I noticed it wasn't working I stretched my arm out and clawed his face with my nails causing him to cuss loudly and close his eyes quickly.

His grip on me loosened and I took this chance to bite down on his hand, my teeth digging in until the taste of blood appeared in my mouth. He let out a roar and his fist connected with me flying back. I winced as I brought my hand up to it before weakly pushing myself up and spitting out the blood in my mouth.

Thankfully non of my teeth had fallen out or even got chipped. I looked up just in time to see him running at me. I ducked out of the way before doing a roundhouse and kicking him in the face causing him to fall on his back, letting out a grunt.

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