Chapter 42

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Once I was inside, I felt a presence near me. "Luna of the Moon Lupis pack" The wolf said from behind me as I felt two more reveal themselves from the shadows and block the entrance. The voice was familiar.

My eyes widened when one of the brothers we had met a while back appeared. The two other figures revealed themselves and my eyes widened in shock. Mike, Melissa and Moe....

"You're with them... you said you were Rogues. What the hell?" Panic surged through my body but I quickly calmed myself. Wait wasn't there three brothers and one sister? Where was the other one...what was his name, Manny?

"We are his children" Moe said, watching me carefully. I narrowed my eyes, realising I needed to go, this was no time for a conversation so I tried to think of a method to distract them.

"You are... his children? Your father is the Alpha or whatever?" I asked, trying to keep my voice steady as I looked for an escape route. They barked a mechanical laugh as they shared glances.

"He is your father too. HE IS EVERYBODY'S FATHER" Melissa looked mental as she said the last bit and I backed up slightly. "He is the one we look up too".

She was creeping me out way to much right now and I couldnt think of a way to escape.

"And where is this father...? And what does he want?" My eyes glanced around and Mike tilted his head slightly.

"We haven't seen father. Father doesnt like to be seen. That's why anyone who sees him dies. That is how your mother died."


My tail dropped at his words and my eyes widened. What was he on about? What were all these tales of my mother?

"You silly girl. You don't know anything. Everything you think you know is not true" Melissa laughed and she looked down, "I'll explain... Father doesnt like explaining, we do it for him. We are his followers."

"You need to die. Simon needs to die. Everyone related to your mother must die" Her eyes lit up and confusion coursed through my body. I had no clue what was going on anymore.

"Your mother. She was brought here, trapped, kidnapped. Everyone believed she was dead but she wasn't. She was a slave... she was threatened. If she didn't do what she was told you and Simon would die so she obeyed Father's every commandment."

"He got her pregnant. He raped her. I think... or she did it because she was threatened but that doesn't matter. And thus Yasmin was born!"

I froze, my eyes going wide, my tail limp. I felt like falling down as I let this new information process through my brain. That mean Yasmin was my step-sister.... Yasmin was my sister...

"Our father got sick of your mother after a while and on the day of her execution she disappeared. Some rumoured he killed her on his own then threw her body away. Others say she escaped or the moon goddess brought her to heaven and saved her but whatever."

"So decided once Yasmin reached the age of ten she must die. He was only going to keep her if she was a boy but since she wasn't so she was used for experiments. And every time she'd forget it over and over as they drugged her up. Then one day she just managed to escape. As time goes on, she slowly regains her memory which is why she needs to be dead. If people found out father, he would be ruined"

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