Chapter 35

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"Wake up" Asher said, tugging at my arm.


I turned to face him in confusion, his face was slightly filled with speckles until I rubbed my eyes and they disappeared.

I looked around and realised we were in front of the pack house. I hadn't even realised I fell asleep.

"Hey lazy pants" He grinned when my eyes finally landed on his face again, "You ready?" I hesitated at his question before finally nodding my head and leaving the car, closing the door behind me.

I let out a yawn before noticing something weird. I had expected people to be in the yard waiting for our arrival but there was no-one in sight.


"I don't know" He looked equally as confused, glancing around, knowing what I was about to say.

We headed toward the door which was slightly ajar, making me worry slightly. Suddenly it began moving and opening itself up when a small head poked around the corner.


A smile broke out on my face when I saw Yasmin but it quickly disappeared when I noticed the blood running down the side of her face.

"Oh my god, Yasmin!" I cried out and her eyes widened when she noticed my reaction. Her hand raised up to the side of her head, rubbing the read off before licking her hand clean from it.

My mouth dropped and disgust was written on my face. "Did you just taste your own blood?" I asked and began walking toward her to check if she was alright.

When she noticed me moving she turned around and disappeared into the house, closing the door slightly but not enough to make it close.

"What was that all about..?" I turned to Asher but his eyes were closed and he let out a frustrated groan. "Asher?" I tried to get his attention and it worked because he turned to look at me.

"Maybe we shouldn't go in there" He said, and my brow knitted together in confusion. Now I was worried if I wasn't before.

"Asher... you're scaring me..." I ran toward the door, worried for Yasmin's and the others safety. I pushed through the door when a huge bang went off at that moment.

I screamed and grabbed my arm in surprise when I felt something slide down it. When no pain hit me I opened my eyes looking to my arm and noticed a thin red paper sheet slide down it.

"LUNA!" Cheers erupted and only now did I noticed a lot of people standing around, some up on the stairs. Their eyes were on me, shining brightly.

I picked out Eva, Hanna, Yasmin, Lucien and Accalia's face along with a few others but there were many I never met.

Hanna ran over to me, her eyes shining bright. "Maisie!" She cried, locking me into a hug, "I never expected this to happen so quick!" She pulled back and stared at me with a huge grin.

I thanked her, my face now red from all the stares when I felt someone wrap around my waist. Hanna moved away, allowing Yasmin to stand in front of me. "I can't-"

"MAKE WAY! MAKE WAY!" My eyes landed on David pushing his way through the crowd with a massive cake in his hands that read "Congrats Luna!" in red syrup.

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