Chapter 26

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My tail wagged when my house came into view before my eyes landed on Lauren and Simon. They turned toward me when they hear my paws bounding toward them, surprise filling there faces.

A huge smile appeared on Lauren's lips but Simon's brow just furrowed, his eyes landing on Yasmin who sat on my back. I skidded to a stop in front of them and crouched down, allowing Yasmin to slide off my back.

Lauren ran into the house before returning with a towel as Simon left us. I shifted back to my human form, wrapping the towel around me. "What's going on?" The smile faded when she saw my worried expression.

Yasmin stood beside me, looking at me anxiously also wanting to know what's going on. "I'll tell you two when I get dressed" I told them and hurried inside.

I was sat at the table now with Lauren and Yasmin beside me, My father was dealing with the elders and Simon was on patrol. After I had changed I had told them what the man in the cell told me about Asher and all.

Now we just sat here in silence, no-one knew what to say. It took everyone a moment to process what was going on. "The pack seem sincere, I've been with them for a while now" Yasmin finally said, "And what about Lucien and Accalia?" She was worried about her two new friends.

"They're part of the pack. Yasmin, I don't want you going anywhere near them without me or until I figure out what's going on" I told her and when she stayed silent I cocked an eyebrow, "Understand?".

She nodded her head and gave me a small smile, "Thanks". I stared at her in shock as she thanked me... was that sarcasm or what? When she noticed my confused face she shook her head, almost knowing what I was thinking.

"No.. really thank you. You brought me with you because you thought there was danger there.. it makes me happy to know you care for me" She said quietly and I couldnt help but smile.

"You know you're like the younger sister I've always wanted" I grinned and a huge smile formed on her face when Lauren cleared her throat. "Don't worry, I'm not forgetting about you Lauren" I laughed and she gave me a roll of her eyes.

"Moving on, any idea on what to do?" Lauren inquired, placing her hand on her hands, her eyes watching me closely. Yasmin put her hand down in her arms and closed her eyes but I could see she was still listening.

"I'm just going to wait for a while and see if the Moon Lupis pack does anything. If they don't I'll somehow get around to asking Asher"

"No you won't... knowing you, you'll do some 'spying' crap and get yourself caught" Lauren raised her eyebrows, and I shot her an annoyed look. I never get caught!

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