Chapter 13

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On the walk back.. well limp back I couldn't get what David had said out of my head. He had told me he was about to let Asher hear what we were talking about so he had changed the subject slightly, even though what he was saying was true.

My mind replayed the thing on what he said before that.. it wouldn't leave my head. What did he mean when he said: 

"If you don't become our Luna, Asher can't save you".

 Save  me? Save me from what?


"STOP!" I screeched loudly when my eyes came in contact with Simon and Lauren slobbering on each other's faces. I'm pretty sure Lauren's tongue was looking for a pot of gold in Simon's mouth. I held back the urge to gag and pushed past them toward my room.

Lauren skipped behind me and I hurried to my room and attempted to shoot it before she got in but I was too slow. "Get out you foul creature" She burst out laughing at my choice of words.

I frowned at her laughter, annoyed slightly. "Like you didn't do that with Asher" She waved her hand in the air as if it was nothing and I scowled. She let out a small sigh and jumped back on the bed.

"It's not fair. I'm supposed to be Luna soon and Simon never lets me go anywhere with him" She seemed upset by this and I walked over and sat on my bed with her, pulling up my feet and crossing them.

"It's because he loves you and wants you to be safe" I gave her a small smile but just got a frown in return and the look on her face didn't believe me. "You're his sister, he loves you but he lets you go places with him".

I let out a small laugh and shook my head, "I was born into the Royal bloodline. So I'm stronger than most females... well have more agility or whatever. He knows I can handle myself but he's just worried you can't yet. He'll train you or I will, I promise".

She smiled at those words and got back to her cheerful self. That's one thing I admire about her. She never stayed upset or mad for too long, it'd be cool to be like that.

"So... today was a bit hectic" She sighed and I just nodded my head. I really wanted to know what David meant by those words but I knew he wouldn't tell me. Oh if I became his Luna, I could order him too.

But then what's the point... because I'd already be Luna. Not that I will be Luna, never ever. I'm not fit for that role.

"We better head to bed" Lauren yawned, cuddling in under my covers after taking off her socks and clothes. I threw on pjama shorts and a disney top which I used as a pjama op and hopped in beside her.

My eyes looked at the clock.

Hmm... almost one am.

I closed my eyes, hoping that I could get some sleep tonight and not think about what David had said and to my surprise I dozed off after one minute.

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