Chapter 8

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 Everyone was in bed now, Lauren sleeping next to me in my double bed. Her loud snoring kept me awake but I didn't mind, I had planned to stay up anyway.

I pulled off my side of the covers and stood out of the bed. Glancing back to Lauren I was happy she was still asleep. I had told her what I was doing because if I was gone when she woke up, she'd probably get the whole pack after me.

It took me a while to get her to finally agree with me that it was okay. Well I told her I'd only take thirty minutes but to be honest I wasn't that sure. Who knows, I might die.

Okay I shouldn't say that.

I was already in my bra and panties so I was already close to being ready. I stripped down the rest of my clothes so I was fully naked. There was no point in putting on some clothes which were going to rip when I transformed.

Grabbing the towel I had left on the ground I wrapped it around me and left my room, running all the way to the back.  The wind was slightly chilly so once I ran out of the backgarden into the woods behind it  quickly changed, hearing my bones cracking from shifting.

I hated that noise, it made me feel weird. Okay well I was weird... I mean I'm a werewolf so that's not really normal. 

I shook my pelt once I had shifted into my wolf form and looked back to the house. Letting out a huff I turned around and sprinted off back to investigate the scene from earlier.


My large wet nose sniffed the area where the attack happened. I couldn't catch any scent which pissed me off. One of our members got severely injured and we couldn't even get revenge.

I paced back and forward, my paws digging against the ground in anger. My head raised for a moment, remembering the way Simon had gone off earlier. He told us he found nothing in a pissed off tone and I know he was telling the truth.

Maybe they didn't go that way though.

My head turned to another path in the woods and I whimpered quietly. It was extremely late, the moon was the only light. It was to silent out here only the rustle of leaves being blown my the wind now and again which gave me a mini heartattack.

What if something was lurking in the woods, watching me. A shiver ran down my spine as that thought came into my head.

Stop thinking like that stupid! Don't be such a pussy.

I eventually made my paw go forward in the direction Simon hadn't gone. I looked over my shoulder at the way I had just come from my house, a part of me wanting to return home. Who am I kidding, most of me wanted to return home.

My tail wasn't moving, instead lay flat down, indicating I was slightly scared. I wasn't that scared that my tail went between my legs, that never happened to me.I continued on the way I was heading but kept my ears perked up.

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