Chapter 38

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Sooo sorry for the short chapter :'( My finals start tomorrow which basically decide the rest of my life -_-

They go on until the 19th like I told you before but I'll try update even if its only a page. I promise I'll be back tho <3

Enjoy and wish me luck!



"What?" He asked and I pursed my lips while shaking my head.

"Maisie, what is it?" He pushed on the subject and I knew he wasn't going to give up so I just let out a small sigh.

"It's just... you've changed so much.. well in my eyes anyway. You used to be that feared Alpha who was a rude dick and now look at you. You're actually really sweet, you'd make a great dad" I muttered before turning back out my window.

"I'm still feared, excuse you!" He quickly said before going quiet for a moment, "Is that a hint?"

"A hint? What?" I turned to him confused and I noticed a grin form on his face.

"Are you hinting that you want some pups... or kids? Because if you already wanna make the pack bigger-"


"Calm down Maisie, I'm only messing- wait..." His facial expression changed and his eyes kept dead ahead, "You can't imagine having pups with me?"

I cringed when I heard the words come from him. They sounded bitchy.

"Asher, I didn't mean that."

"You seriously can't see yourself having a kid with me someday? Even if it's far off in the future?"

"Are we seriously having this discussion... with Yasmin in the back...?" I hissed and his jaw tightened slightly.

"You don't have to answer because with that reply you already did".

And with that the rest of the car journey was silent.


He slapped my hand away from the radio in the car and I let out a whine. "My car, my choice of song" He grinned and I narrowed my eyes with a small huff before looking out the front window.

Yasmin stood in front of the car in her wolf form, her til was wagging like a helicopter as she yelped in excitement causing a smile to form on my face.

"She's adorable" I commented and I noticed Asher nod his head from the corner of my eyes.

"I'm sorry for over-reacting earlier" He muttered and I turned to him with a glint in my eye.

"Did the big bad Alpha just apologise?" I smirked and her cocked an eyebrow looking over at me, not saying anything for a moment. Suddenly his hand lashed out and grabbed the back of my neck before pulling me into a deep kiss.

He nibbled on my bottom lip and I was about to grant him entrance until I heard an annoyed bark like noise outside of the car.

I pulled away and saw Yasmin beside my window standing against the car, looking in. "Yasmin, down, you'll scratch the car" Asher sighed from beside me before opening his door and getting out.

Once Yasmin retreated to the front of the car I mirrored his actions and exited the car allowing him to lock it.

I pulled of my jacket and my skinny jeans, only to be in shorts and a white tank top that I wasn't fond of. Cracking noises rang through my body as it began to shift

Soon my white wolf stood near Yasmin, looking down at her. "Finally!" She growled and I couldn't help but smile at her impatience.

"You have no patience child" Asher joined in and I looked behind me to see his dark wolf walking over to us. My eyes landed on the ripped clothes behind him

"I told you to stop ripping your good clothes!" I sighed and he rolled his eyes before reaching my side.

"Run" He looked at Yasmin who stared up at him in confusion, "We're going to have a race".

Her tail wagged faster as she jumped around in excitement. He looked over to me and I nodded my head.

"Go, you get a head start" I told her and in an instant she turned away and ran off full speed.

After ten seconds we both raced off after her and it wasn't that hard to catch up. Soon enough I was behind her but I slowed down to a jog so she was ahead, allowing her to think she was winning.

Suddenly she skidded to a stop causing me to crash into her and falling over her while Asher slowed down beside her and turned to look at me before barking a laugh.

I pushed myself up, glaring at Yasmin before shaking my pelt. "What was that for?" I asked, walking over toward her and she tilted her head looking innocent.

"Don't just let me win.. I'm not stupid" She laughed, her tail didn't stop wagging once and I just rolled my eyes while Asher barked a laugh.

I sat down beside her, nuzzling her with my muzzle slightly with a small smile as her eyes lit up. "You're really something Yazzy" I laughed and her eyes lit up.

"Come on" Asher looked back at us as he began walking off. We didn't hesitate and hurriedly caught up with him as his walk turned to a trot.

"Where to?" Yasmin mind-linked before I could and he just turned back to us with a glint of mischievous in his eyes.

"You'll only find out if you keep up" He barked before turning and sprinting off. I narrowed my eyes. I could easily catch up with him but he knew I'd have to help guide Yasmin because she was slower.

I nudged Yasmin forward, nipping at her tail slightly causing her to jump forward quickly and head off running without hesitation.

"I have his scent." She said quickly which caught me off guard. She could focus on one scent at a time already? Impressive.

"Don't lose it" I said, proud at the speed she was going. I kept along side her as we followed after Asher.

I jumped over a log while she ducked under it and we quickly kept at a steady pace, making sure not to lose him. After what seemed about five minutes of non-stop running he came back into view, facing the other way.

We slowed to a trot, Yasmin panting heavily beside me and collapsed for a moment to regain her strength. She finally pushed herself to her paws before trotting over to Asher.

When we walked up beside us he turned to us, his eyes had a new emotion in them. Anger.... he looked threatening. He looked toward me and Yasmin and before I could mind-link him someone interrupted causing me to tense up.

"Yasmin, Maisie. We've been expecting you."

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