Chapter 39

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I nudged Yasmin forward, nipping at her tail slightly causing her to jump forward quickly and head off running without hesitation.

"I have his scent." She said quickly which caught me off guard. She could focus on one scent at a time already? Impressive.

"Don't lose it" I said, proud at the speed she was going. I kept along side her as we followed after Asher.

I jumped over a log while she ducked under it and we quickly kept at a steady pace, making sure not to lose him. After what seemed about five minutes of non-stop running he came back into view, facing the other way.

We slowed to a trot, Yasmin panting heavily beside me and collapsed for a moment to regain her strength. She finally pushed herself to her paws before trotting over to Asher.

When we walked up beside us he turned to us, his eyes had a new emotion in them. Anger.... he looked threatening. He looked toward me and Yasmin and before I could mind-link him someone interrupted causing me to tense up.

"Yasmin, Maisie. We've been expecting you."


I automatically stood in front of Yasmin and I stared forward, my eyes narrowing and baring my fangs while a low growl escaped my lips. "Asher, who the hell are these wolves?" I growled, not taking my eyes off them once.

Suddenly Yasmin jumped out from beside me and ran toward the two unknown wolves that stood in front of us. "Yasmin stop!" I said, about to leap forward but my body froze when Yasmin ran into them and began yapping excitedly.

I looked to Asher in confusion but he was watching the scene unfold in front of him. His ears went back and his tail wagged as he watched the scene happen in front of him until I barked to get his attention but it was too late as I was interrupted by one of the other wolves.

"You got your wolf form... she's beautiful" The grey female wolf said. Yasmin's tail didn't stop wagging once and excited whimpers didn't stop coming from her.

"I missed you! I was so scared when you disappeared! How...where did you come from?!" Yasmin barked, jumping around circles as the grey wolf let out a barkish laugh as he tail wagged side to side slowly.

"We got tracked down and had to separate from the group or they would have found all of you. Then when we met up... we lost some members and you went missing. We were worried sick" The slightly darker grey wolf spoke, his voice lowered at the last bit.

"Thank you.. both of you... for protecting her and helping her" The female wolf looked to both of us, "Asher, we owe you.".

"Hold on.. Yasmin had a pack... I'm just hearing this... wait what" I was so confused then pushed it aside when I felt the energy coming from them. So positive, so... full of love.

"Yasmin, we aren't going to bring you back if you want to stay with your new pack. We understand" The female one said, her tail coming to a stop as she gave Yasmin a loving look.

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