Chapter 30

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I squeezed between the seats and hopped into the back with her. "What are you doing?" Asher asked from the front while I stared out the back window. What the hell? The black car was gone.

"Asher, they're gone" I turned toward the front and saw him look back, his brow furrowing. He narrowed his eyes then thumped the steering wheel. "Shit!".

He slowed the pace of the car slightly, slowing to a stop at the crossroads. He got out of the car, looking around for a moment before pulling his phone from his pocket.

"Who are you calling?" I asked through the open door. He turned back toward me before frowning slightly. He was about to answer when Yasmin gasped. I turned back to her in confusion and noticed her panicked eyes staring out the back window.

"It's them again! They're coming for me!".


My eyes immediately flew to the back window and my brow creased when there was nothing there. "Where Yasmin, where?" Her frantic eyes looked up at me then back out the window.

Her body was rigid and she looked like a deer caught in headlights. The car door opened and Asher popped his head in, his eyes landing on Yasmin.

"What's wrong with her?" His voice was low and my eyes glanced to him, worry written on his face. I ignored it for now and turned back to Yasmin who was still in a panic.

"There's no-one there Yasmin" I informed her but her eyes glanced around the car. She blocked her ears and let out a cry that was filled with pain.

I pulled the door open, allowing the air into the warm car, hoping to knock her out of the trance. "Yasmin, whats wrong?!"

Suddenly she froze, her eyes widening and landing on me. She stared at me, her eyes blank, they begged for help. My heartbeat quickened.

"Is she going into shock, what's happening?" Asher was clueless beside them, in the front seat as he started the car. My brow creased and I turned to him.

"What are you doing?" I asked, confused at why he had started the car. My instinct was to reach out and close the open door and thats what I did.

"Getting her home... we need-"

Yasmin sucked in a huge breath, her brown eyes snapping out of it. She looked around quizzically and her body suddenly relaxed although it was clear she was still nervous.

"What was that?" I asked her, grabbing her into a hug as Asher slowed the car, glancing in the mirror to look back at us. We had only moved, say six metres and now we were stopped once more as he watched us.

Yasmin's lower lip quivered when I finally broke the hug but she closed her eyes and her breath was even. I didn't interrupt her, knowing she was trying to hold back tears.

After what seemed thirty seconds she re-opened her eyes and let out a small breath, the tears were gone. How could she be so brave...

"That was frightening" She finally said, her breath shaky. I tilted my head, giving her a few more seconds.

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