Chapter 32

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"It was nice meeting you, please be safe on your journey and I hope your sister gets better" I bowed down and they stared at me in surprise.

"Such an amazing Luna" The one on the right spoke.

"Indeed she is..." The one on the left said straight after.

Okay, that was kind of creepy. And I wasn't a Luna!

The silence was becoming awkward until the right wolf finally saved it. "Thank you and same to you. We'll be on our way now"

They all turned at the same time, not bothering to say goodbye to Asher and he didn't even stop them. I could tell he didn't want them around so I was just glad he let them away.

We watched them as they walked off and when they were estimately fifty feet away, the middle on turned his head back and looked at Yasmin, Asher and I.

Then he mind-linked up and my heart immediately dropped at what he said.


And with that he turned away, following his brothers.


I didn't understand what he meant until the three brothers sped off and disappeared into the shadows. Oh and that I heard the pounding of paws on the ground.

I looked behind us and my eyes widened at the sight of two wolves charging toward us. Were they after the rogues or us?

Okay, stupid question, obviously us.

Yasmin was clever and she took off in an instant, sprinting ahead of us. I quicly followed her, Asher by my side.

"We can take them" I mind-linked him, allowing Yasmin to hear us but we didn't stop running.

I noticed him hesitate before he turned his head back but continued running straight. They were definitely gaining on us.

Asher and I could have easily outrun them but Yasmin wasn't able to... after all it was her first shift.

"Take Yasmin to safety, I got this" He finally replied and I let out a low growl. A whimper came from in front of us and my eyes widened when I noticed a huge wolf pin Yasmin down.

Asher didn't hesitate for a moment. He leapt on the wolf, biting into its neck, a ferocious growl erupting from him.

I turned back, facing the other two wolves, backing toward Yasmin protectively. I didn't take my eyes off of either of them as I bared my fangs. Yasmin pushed herself up behind me and I heard a whimper come from her.

"It's okay Yazzy. Do you know your way back at all?" I asked and she didn't reply for a moment.

"Sorry, yea.. I forgot about mind-linking" She said and I would have laughed if there wasn't two wolves looking for blood ahead of us.

"Run home, do not look back, Asher and I will catch up. Do not stop running no matter what, do you understand?" Before she could reply I let out a loud howl, hoping one of the pack members would hear and meet her halfway.

We weren't that far from the pack house anyway so I trusted she would make it.

I was pulled from my thoughts when one of the wolves leaped at us. Yasmin let out a whine but I quickly covered her, swiping at the wolf.

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