Chapter 36

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Ola! Hey guys so I have writer's block.. ewwy.

Anyway finals are coming up so last week may be my last update until the 11th of June.

Not sure yet, I'll try keep to the schedule.

Anyway, enjoy!



I jumped as a loud gunshot went off, causing my ears to ring and make me lose focus for a minute. I expected Lauren to jump back when the shot happened because I noticed everyone else block there ears, looking around in shock.

Everything seemed to go in slow motion and just as I was about to unwrap my arms from Lauren I felt something warm and sticky on my hands.

"NO!" I heard Simon cry out and my eyes widened when I looked to my hands and saw blood filling them.

Slow-motion... everything slow motion.

I heard Lauren cough and splutter as Simon pulled her from my arms and I felt sick as I noticed blood come from her mouth.

"LAUREN...LAUREN NO!" I screamed as Simon knelt on the ground with Lauren lying in his arms.

I looked up, emotions flooding through my body when my eyes locked onto a human figure watching us in the distance from a car.

When it noticed me watching it revved the car and quickly took off.

I didn't hesitate.

I ran forward, shifting in the house and by the time I was out the door I was already in my wolf form.

They were dead.

I felt numb... was I even running? I was. My surroundings flew by me as I ran but it felt like I was being carried or just floating.

I made sure not to take my eyes off the car once as I pushed myself forward, not allowing myself to stop to break down.

My heart was racing in my chest as I dug all four paws into the ground below me, giving myself a boost when suddenly I was on the ground.

Broken whines came from me as Lauren rushed into my head. Her blank eye staring at me in confusion while blood dripped from her mouth.

The warm sticky blood that had got on my hand.

I came back to reality when something nipped my ear gently. I looked up to see Asher's dark wolf stare down at me, his eyes running over me to make sure I was okay.

I pushed myself up weakly, shaking my head from the shock, trying to get the image from my head as I raced off toward the direction the car had gone.

"Maisie stop, others have gone after them! Come back" I heard him call behind him and I noticed Rick and David running int he distance chasing the car.

Anger fueled in me and I pushed myself forward, letting out a ferocious growl which caught the attention of Rick and David.

"Mine!" I said in a menacing voice then zoomed past them, allowing me only to see there faces of shock for a moment.

"Luna, come back here! You're not in any condition to fight them, we need to fin out who or where there from" David's voice appeared in my head but I ignored it.

The car returned to my view which only caused me to sprint faster, my teeth bared. It only took me a few more seconds until I was behind.

I stretched out my neck and attempted to bite the trunk and this quickly caught the driver's attention.

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