Chapter 6

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Okay if there's by any chance young readers when theres going to be sexual moments before it happens I'll put an R rated sign there.

This chapter is dedicated to xxnixonxx. I love her book InSanta's lap. I started reading it at christmas and its amazing. 

Anyway thank you for the 500 reads! And as always I hope you enjoy!


"You're mine" I clenched my fists but didn't move when I heard him. My body wouldnt let me move. 

"Let go" I said, my voice coming out softer than I had hoped.  Of course.. he didn't let go. I heard him inhale and I looked up to see his eyes closed. As if he knew I was looking at him, they suddenly opened.

 "You're bipolar" I sighed and he gave me a smile.

"It's an Alpha thing... or maybe I'm different." My face flushed red when I realised I was still in his arms. I pushed away which made him frown.

No, I'm not letting my wolf side win this!

If any other guy tried to do that he'd be crying by now but I guess since my wolf linked with his it was different. I'll admit he was incredibly gorgeous but his personality kept changing. And I needed to remind myself, he's the Alpha of my rival pack.

"Listen, I'm not and never will be your mate. You are the Alpha of our rival pack aswell as a jerk" His eyes darkened slightly when I said that, "And-" I didn't continue.

"I told you Maisie, you're mine and you will be the Luna of the Moon Lupis pack." I scrunched up my face at his words and his eyes never left my face once.

"I do not belong to anyone" I growled and he archd an eyebrow.

"So you're saying your dominant and not a sub?"

"I am submissive, I meant that-" I froze when I realised what I had just said. He tricked me. That good for nothing wolf.

I threw my hands over my mouth as his eyes lit up and I took a step back. "Thank you for sharing" He whispered and I kept my breaths steady.

"I didn't mean that" I hissed but he didn't say anything. The silence made everything more awkward and my eyes glanced to the door handle.

"Don't" His voice was demanding and my eyes shot back to his face. Why did this have to happen to me?


My heart skipped a beat when I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. I shoved my hand into the pocket and pulled it out, my eyes landing on the number and my face lit up.


I answered the call and heard a friendly voice on  the ther end then scowled when I noticed Asher was watching me like a hawk. I raised my hand, indicating for him to show and sighed when he didn't leave.

"Hey Maisie" Adam's voice spoke into my ear.

"Hey, what's up?" I asked, biting my lip gently.

"I was wondering if you were going to take the offer up about that date?"

My face went red slightly and Asher narrowed his eyes, noticing it.

"Uhm... sure, but keep in mind it's my first date in like decades, so the awkwardness level might be high" I laughed and heard him chuckle from the other end of the phone. 

"So, how does Kipper's sound? Tomorrow at two?" He asked.

"Yea that sounds-" I gasped when my phone was snatched from my hand and a scowl appeared on my face. Asher hung up on Adam causing my eyes to grow wide.

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