Chapter 17

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"I am not yours. NOW GET LOST"  I growled but it was hard to get out sinnce my wolf loved his. A pain shot through my heart when I said that and I let out a whimper,closing my eyes for a moment.

"You see, it hurts you to say that" He growled, noticing me whine. I shook my pelt and Lauren nudged me to see if I was okay. All I could do was nod my head.

"Fine... let's go back"

"If you're going to try get rid of me Maisie Ashford, I'm afraid I'll have to lead you into the Alpha's trap. It's a new game I made up...." There was a sound of mischieve in his voice which cause me to worry.I didn't bother asking or he's see how curious I was.

I turned away, Lauren following me, andbegan walking home. I was surprised when he didn't stop me but glad although my wolf was a bit upset. 

As we returned home there was one thing that I couldn''t get out of my head...

What the hell was 'The Alpha's Trap?'



My eyes peeled open, things were hazy for a minute. It took me a while for my eyes to adjust then focus on the alarm next to me:

7:00 am

What why so early?

Suddenly the realisation kicked in and I let out a long moan. The week off was over and school had returned. Monday...the worst day of the week.

On the bright side, Asher hasn't bugged me or contacted me since that day so I was okay with it. After giving myself a speech, saying I could make it through the day I finally puled myself from the bed. 

I had a shower last night so one this morning wasn't necessary. I brushed my teeth, got changed and brushed my hair. All that stuff.

I rushed down toward the kitchen and scowled at the bowl of cereal on my the table. My eyes landed on Lauren who was eating some, next to my seat. "Ew... cerea" I moaned and I hear her  giggle.

"You need to learn to cook yourself" She told me as I dug into the breakfast,  eating so quick that I barely even tasted it.

"I can cook" I said, my mouth full, "You just cook better". I swallowed down the rest of the cereal before standing up and throwing the dishes into the sink. I winced at the loud sound it made.

There was a special school for our type. Werewolves I mean. There were wolves from our pack and from other packs, but the rival packs were kept seperated. 

After weeks of begging my father, he had enrolled me in a normal school instead. I really didn't want to go to a special school.. if I went to a normal one I might feel more... normal.

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