Chapter 43

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"What do you want?! You sick twisted cunt, tell me what you want" I couldn't hold my anger in anymore as angry tears filled my eyes and my fists clenched.

"What do I want? I want you to choose..." He chuckled and I could see him pushing himself up from the stairs and moving closer but keeping in the shadows so he still couldn't be seen.

"Choose?" I asked, confused by his order.

"Choose who dies" I stared at him in confusion until I heard footsteps. I turned around and my heart dropped when I saw Lauren being dragged in by two other men. She was bleeding from her head and had silver cuffs around her wrists.

She looked up at me weakly and I could see she was in some pain. "I'm s-sorry. They tricked me" She cried softly. The two solves dragged her over beside to wear Yasmin was now slightly crying aswell as she watched Lauren.

Why was this happening? This wasn't the plan... why?! We did nothing!

"Maisie... you have ten seconds to choose".


"What is wrong with you?!" I screamed, tears filling in my eyes and anger takin over.

"10, 9, 8-"

"Stop! Please I can't choose between them, this is messed up!" My hands were balled up from anger as I glared at the person at the top of the steps and I could see he was enjoying this.

"7, 6, 5-" 

"ME! Kill me! Please!" What, why was I giving in? I usually put up a fight.

"4, 3, 2-" I looked from Lauren to Yasmin, panic rushing through my body, feeling sick.
"I'll choose! I- I'll choose just stop" I whimpered dropping my head. I heard a small chuckle come from him before he clapped his hands.

I began panting heavily and did everything I could to hold back my wolf as I brought my head up glaring in his direction.
" If you shift, I press the button and little yazzy's dead straight away... That would mean the fun would be over" He sighed and I calmed myself down, "but no changing the subject... Who do you choose?"
I could almost see the grin on his face. He was enjoying this so much. How could someone be so cruel? 

"Okay I-" 

"Someone's here!" The man bellowed causing me to flinch and look around.
"YASMIN!! Yasmin we love you!!" Accalia ran from the shadows with Lucien close behind her and I could see him trying to hold her back.

"Cali! Stop!" Lucien growled trying to pull her back. My eyes noticed a figure running toward them and Lucien caught it in time too.
"GET DOWN!" I screamed at them when the bang ran through the air.

I saw Lucien pull Accalia out of the way of the bullet shot but I heard a small cry of pain come from her.
I heard Yasmin scream her names several times when my eyes noticed the blood coming from her shoulder.
My eyes landed on Lucien who looked down at Accalia with worried eyes before looking up to Yasmin.
He had saved her life... The bullet only grazed her thanks to him...

"Get out of here!!" Yasmin cried loudly and Lucien looked up to her.
"It'll be okay yazzy! Everything going to be okay" He shot her a weak smile but I could see the uncertainty in his eyes.

"No no let them stay for the show! This is great!" The man known as father clapped his hands in excitement. He sickened me, they were just kids.
"Maisie!" I heard Simon and Ashers voices as they ran into the room. 

"What happened?!" I heard another one of my old pack ask when he saw Lucien and Accalia. I noticed two more push themselves through the door, my eyes widening. But instead they were in there wolf forms. Then behind them I saw my fathers wolf follow, blood soaked in there fight.

The relief knowing that they had survived brought a smile to my face until I realised ye situation we were in and I still wasn't sure if all the others had made it out.
"What's going on? Yasmin!" Asher noticed her now and he began running to her until the man shouted 'stop'.

"Go any closer and she dies" the man spoke calmly and the small smile that had appeared in Yasmin's face disappeared almost immediately.
"You don't have to do this" Simon spoke up and only now had I realised him knocking out both the guys that had capture Lauren.

His hands were red from removing the silver from around her wrists. She lay into his chest, tears streaming down her face and her eyes met Mine for a moment.
I shot her a weak smile to show her everything would be okay. I had to be strong for her and Yasmin. I couldn't falter.

"I don't have to do this?" The man scoffed and let out a small chuckle " of course I have too! And even if I didn't I still would, I mean see how fun it is!".

"You twisted asshole!!!" Asher growled and I noticed him about to shift so I hurriedly ran over to him and grabbed his arm to stop him.
"Don't " I whispered weakly, trying to think of a plan in my head but to my dismay none came to mind. 

"Ooh she's clever. If I don't kill her she'll definitely be my mate" The 'father' mumbled, "Yasmin, come here"
When he isn't move for a moment he raised his voice.
"NOW" His voice almost shook the room and Yasmin jumped. She scurried up and over right beside him, standing obediently. 

The man walked out from the shadows with Yasmin beside him and to my dismay I noticed he was wearing a mask like thing so I couldn't see his face properly.
I cussed to myself lightly before seeing Yasmin shaking slightly and a single tear running down her cheek. 

My eyes landed on the control in his hand before going back to Yasmin.
Her eyes met mine and I flicked them back to the control in his hand. Her eyes followed mine and she tensed up when she saw it.
I pinched Asher beside me and nodded toward the button causing him to narrow his eyes until realisation set in. 

"If I be your mate... You'll let everyone go?" I asked and I noticed him tilt his head. He shook his was with a slight laugh.
"I'll let a few go. Like... That girl there" he nodded to Lauren " but your family must die and those related to you." My jaw tightened and I narrowed my eyes at him.

"And Yasmin?"

"Of course she's dying too" I glared at how he put it right in front of her. She was so young, you don't say that type of shit in front if kids but I suppose he was sick and twisted.

I nodded my head slowly, "I see... And I'll get of this unharmed?" I asked and I could almost see his from behind his mask.
"Hmm? You are interesting aren't you? Yes you'd most likely get out of this unharmed.
"Okay... I -" My voice caught in my throat before my legs buckled underneath me and I began shaking violently, losing air, only thing I could hear was Asher screaming my name.

Fear set in.

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