Chapter 20

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Recap from last chapter:

"Alpha, there's been an attack. They found Harry in the woods in pain. And the wolves scent are still there which means they aren't gone!".

Asher's eyes widened and he looked at me. "Go, I can wait" I was surprised at how fast my reaction was. He gave me a thankful look and nodded his head.

"Rick come with me. Hanna and Eva, stay here with Maisie. David tell a few others and to meet with us, we don't know how many there are." His voice was full of authority and it was kind of hot.

He pushed past everyone and looked at me. "Do not go out of the front door no matter what!" He growled and I just nodded my head.

I knew what it was like when a pack member was injured. You go into panick mode.

I don't know why all of a sudden I was being nice to Asher and obeying him... Had this got to do with the Alpha's trap?

"She could kill us any minute! Most of the guys are gone with Alpha Asher and the other people in our pack are in the other pack houses. So it''s just me, you, Polly, Karl, the kids and.... her" Eva threw me a disgusted look as she spoke to Hanna.

I rolled my eyes and ignored it, I wasn't in the mood for this shit. "Eva just calm down, you can't judge someone straight away" Hanna frowned and Eva just scoffed. Hanna was just like David, her twin brother, kind and caring.

"You don't know her either so why are you standing up for her?" Eva folded her arms and Hanna let out a sigh.

"I'm sorry, she really isn't always like this" Hanna turned to me with a frown, "You know... if you became Luna, she'd-"

"No thanks" I laughed at Hanna's offer, "I don't plan on becoming Luna of my rival pack anytime soon. I can see some don't even want me here" I threw a look to Eva who just rolled her eyes.

"If you're our rival pack, why are you here?" Eva argued and I let out a sigh. She didn't understand.

"To check on Yasmin".

"She's fine with us" She snapped.

"You should have seen her that day. I found her and I'm going to be there for her!"

Eva paused for a moment and watched me before mumbling something. I turned to Hanna and I felt bad, I could see how awkward she was in this situation.

"For a person at her rival pack's house, you're pretty chill. Even though there's one of you and lts of us you don't seem scared" Hanna noticed and I nodded my head.

"I'm not the type of person that gets scared. Anyway I feel ssafe with Asher so it's fine" I waved my hand in the air and didn't like the silence in the room. I turned and noticed both of them giving me funny looks.

"What?" I rubbed my face incase there was something on it. Hanna gave me a warm smile and Eva just eyed me, "What?" I repeated.

"What you just said. You sai dyou feel safe with Asher, that's so cute!" She cried and I felt my face heat up. I turned away and kept my face calm, showing no emotion.

"So? I feel safe with my pack and my friend Lauren aswell" I pointed out and she just prodded my face. I turned to scowl at her but her eyes were wide and seemed to be sparkling.

"So cute" She whimpered and I let out a groan and pushed past her.

"Whatever, if that's what you want to think, then think it" I said, but couldn't get the thought out of my head. This mate thing was really pissing me off, I liked Adam not Asher! Right?

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