Chapter 23

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SHUT UP!"  I let my anger take over and grabbed her arm, shoving her against the wall harder than I had meant. I didn't mean that... I just meant to push her lightly! She let out a small whimper, showing pain and at that moment I'm pretty sure my heart snapped a bit. My eyes grew wide and I felt sick.

My hand automatically dropped to my side and I was frozen. What had I done...? I was like those monsters who had hurt her earlier. I looked down to my hand in anger, as in blaming it on it... when I was the one that controlled it.

Fear was clear in her eyes and it felt horrible. She was scared of me.. my mate was scared of me...

"Maisie, I'm so-" I began apoligizing and reached out to pull her into a hug but froze when she flinched. She squeezed her eyes shoot as if waiting for someone to hit her. Why? I wouldn't.. it was an accident... what had I done? I slowly dropped my hand to my side and waited.

After a moment she slowly re-opened them and studied me. Emotions were flooding through me. Pain, worry.. and such regret. So much regret!

"Maisie, I didn't m-" I tried to explain but she quickly interuppted me.

"Don't... Please let me go home" Her voice was weak and she did everything not to look at me. "Please."

She said please...

Usually she would demand me if she wanted something then she'd give out when I refused. She was scared... She was scared of me. I had messed up.


I noticed fear appear in her eyes again and I took a few steps back to show I wouldn't hurt her. "I'll leave you alone. You have to wait for the nurse to check you though, until then you can't leave." I said and quickly left the room, shutting the door behind me.

Why did I do that?! What was wrong with me? I kept making things worse.

I was officially the most horrific mate there ever was and this would be impossible to fix.


I sat there for what seemed like forever until the door finally creaked open. My eyes snapped up to find a worried Yasmin, squishing through the door, not opening it fully.

Her eyes lit up when they landed on me and I gave her a weak smile. "I'm so sorry" She ran over to me and jumped on the bed I was in. A frown appeared on my face as I looked down at her.

"It wasn't your fault" I reassured her, placing my hand on her head and playing with her soft hair. She looked so different from the girl we found that say. 

Her clothes were ripped, her long hair was literally a birds nest, she had blood streaming down her face and she was in so much pain. Now she looked like an adorable little princess, it felt good seeing her like this.

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