Chapter 29

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"Why don't you touch me or get pervy with me as much anymore?" I blurted out, the question had been playing on my mind for a while but I never would ask it.

His eyes widened in surprise and he turned his head to me, confusion was clear on his face. "Wait... what?" He watched me to see if I was serious.. or had he even heard me.

I shook my head, hoping my head wasn't as red as I thought it was. "Nothing" I said quietly, embarrassed and surprised at my actions.

"Because I didn't think you'd want me too... I don't know really" His voice trailed off for a moment, "But thanks for reminding me, I'll start doing it again".

I snapped my head toward him and a grin was on his face. He knew I was watching him because he turned his head, his eyes meeting mine. 

"Let's go collect Yasmin" I quickly said, snapping my eyes away and looking out the window. And with that, Asher revved the car and sped off.


Yasmin followed me out the door while I ignored Lauren trying to call me back. Sure, this may be kind of bitchy but when you find out who killed your mother from someone else other than your family you'd be pissed too.

"Mai, come back and we'll explain" I heard Simon follow behind me as we left the house. Asher was sitting in his car, his eyes locked onto me. He quickly averted his eyes and I knew Simon came into view now.

I felt him grip my wrist and tugged me, causing me to turn and face him and Lauren. Lauren's face was distressed and Simon looked guilty and slightly mad. "He shouldn't have told you" Simone said lowly and the only thing I did was slap his hand away.

"Yeah... you should have. But I guess only the important people in the family get to know right?" I snapped and he looked to the ground. My eyes quickly flew to Lauren and they flared with anger causing Lauren to cower.

"Did you know?" I asked and her jaw tightened. She glanced over to Simon who connected his hand with hers and squeezed it lightly. She shrugged slightly, her gaze turning back to me, "Kind of".

My jaw dropped. "What the hell does kind of mean?!"

"I didn't know who actually did it... I just knew a girl from another pack killed your mother and someone killed that girl" She said, her eyes dropping to the ground just like Simon's had a minute ago.

"So you tell Lauren and not your own sister?!" I scoffed and shooed Yasmin away to get into the car. She obediently did so, wanting to get away from this.

"Maisie, I'm-"

"Don't bother." I snapped then turned to Lauren, "So much for telling each other everything 'Best Friend'" Hurt washed over her face and I noticed tears form in her eyes.

Simon pulled her close and turned to me. "Don't blame her Maisie! We couldn't tell you because we knew, you'd hunt down the pack to try kill them, then that would cause a war!"

I let out a bark of a laugh and Simon frowned. My eyes flicked to and from to Simon and Lauren. "You two are perfect for each other.. two manipulate lying assholes. Go fuck yourselves!" I snapped and Lauren's eyes widened at my words.

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