Chapter 9

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The author Im dedicating to is Lee because the the Simon Says book is just... awesome. Sadly its being rewritten so you cant read it yet but follow them so you can keep an eye out although it might not be out for a while :( Well I hope soon enough you'll be okay Lee and get your writing spirit back <3

Anyway heres another chapter (Not edited) And as always I hope you enjoy.



"Maisie, whats wrong? You seem nervous and surprised" When I looked up he was grinning down at me. I hugged the soft blue blanket he had put around me but didnt speak.

He suddenly dropped down to his knees in front of me, advancing toward me. His eyes met mine and I couldnt seem to break away.

"Give in and be mine" 


My jaw tightened at his words. Why couldn't he understand? I was not going to be his, just because our wolf sides wanted to be.

"No, like you said you have plenty other females. Choose one of them" He frowned at my words, there was a hint of anger in his eyes.

"No, you're my Luna" He narrowed his eyes, "Tell me why you won't be with me and not just because I'm the rival pack".

There was another reason but I couldn't tell him. It was one of the reasons I was nervous to go out with Adam aswell. "I have my reasons".

He wasn't pleased with what I said, his eyes narrowing. "Tell me... you can't just reject me like this without telling me a proper reason".

The only person that knew about this was Lauren... and she didn't know the proper truth. 

Suddenly a loud growl broke us from our thoughts. The dark brown wolf was limping, blood dripping from him, shocking me how he was standing. 

Once he reached us he collapsed his breaths heavy as he changed back to human form. I quickly averted my eyes until he shouted at me to look at him. 

I slowly peered over to him and his eyes were dancing. He gave me a messed up smile, blood in his mouth as he coughed some up. "Do you-" He had to take a breath and wince a bit before continue, "Miss your mother?" He coughed up more blood.

My heart froze when he said her name, tears threatening to fall. "You were so.... weak.... you couldn't even.... retrieve her-" Loud cough, "Body".

My jaw tightened and a tear strolled down my cheek, "You have it wrong you son of a bitch!" I growled and he just laughed.

"Liste-" A loud crunch happened as Asher drove his foot into the man's face. When he stood back I noticed his body was now limp, no life left in there.

I didn't let any more tears fall as I pushed myself up. Asher rushed over and reached for me but I slapped him away. "Don't" I snapped and he watched me, unmoving.

I turned around and began walking off, fighting the biggest war not to let tears fall in front of me. I let out a gasp when arms grabbed my arms and spun me around, pulling me into his chest.

I pushed off him, in attempt to escape but he wasn't having it. "Maisie, it's okay to cry" He whispered and that sentence broke me. Tears began streaming down my face and I let out a quiet sob. His grip tightened on me, hugging me closer to him.

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