Chapter 18

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We exited the school aand I opened my arms, welcoming the air. "I feel like I was just let out of prison" I sighed and heard Adam's laugh behind me.

I felt something weird in the air though and became in a defensive position.

"Mai, you okay?" I jumped when Adam's hand went on my shoulder and spun around, nodding my head.

"Come on, I'll give you a lift home" Adam smiled but I frowned when it disappeared off his face as he looked passed me.

"It's okay... she's already got a ride. Come on" His husky voice sent shivers down my spine and when he grabbed my hand the same sensation came over my body.

I spun around and the moment our eyes locked a smirk appeared on his face which made me choke on my breath for a minute.



I sat in his car, the smell of leather quickly filling my nostrils. It was overtaken by his strong scent as he jumped in the other side. He closed the car and it was just silence for a minute then I properly realised where I was.

"LET GO OF ME!" I cried out, my reaction was just a good few minutes late. He stared at me, startled at my outburst but he didn't do anything.

"I'm not holding you" His voice sounded calm and smooth and my body automatically relaxed. H put his hands on the wheel even though the car wasn't started.

"Good, then I'm leaving" I snapped although something made me want to stay in the seat. I reached out for the door handle but my heart skipped a beat.

"Did.. you just lock me in?" I thanked the gods that I didn't stutter and fromt he corner of my eye I noticed him tensing up.

"Asher?" I began.




Okay, I was confused. "What do you mean? Who's Noah?" My eyerows knitted together and he turned to me, bringing up hand and rubbing his temples.

"Me. That's my first name" He mumbled and I stared at him in surprise. What was this all about? First coming out of nowhere and now telling me his real name.

"That's a really cute name. Noah..." I mumbled, not meaning to say it out loud. He gave me a small smile but it disappeared just as quick as it had appeared.

"Doesn't suit an Alpha though. You're not allowed call me that until you're my mate..." He eyed me and I glared at him.

"Fine... Asher" It was clear he was upset with that answer but I ignored him. Wait why was I still here? I didn't want to see him anymore.. I wanted to kill him, he's part of the rival pack.

"I'm sorry" He said out of nowhere and I looked up to him, "For everything that pissed you off. I'm just a bit... possesive and dominant". I bit my lip at his last words... that wasn't a bad thing. What am I saying?!

"The other day... when we were-"

"Stop" He interrupted me, "Things got heated and I wanted to do it... badly. I just didn't want to hurt you... even if you told me stop I probably couldn't.".

Why was he being like this all of a sudden?

He started the car when I didn't reply and I gave him a confused look. "I'm not kidnapping you" He said as if he knew what I was thinking, "I'm bringing you home since Lauren's gone".

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