Chapter 33

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"He isn't marked... so he isn't yours...He's not an object you can just keep" She snapped and another growl came from me.

"If you want to keep your ugly ass head then you better get out of my sight. I'm his... !" I took a step forward toward her, threateningly but Manny quickly interfered.

"Melissa, leave it. Maybe next time. We'll be taking our leave now" He nudged his sister and with that action they all turned away and walked off at the exact same time.

They didn't say anything else or look back apart from Melissa who looked over her shoulder once and narrowed her eyes at me before turning around then following her brothers.

My body didn't relax until they were out of sight and only then did I drop my tail and allow my ears to perk up. I halted from baring my fangs and my body wasn't tense anymore.

What was that all about... Wasn't I the one who kept saying to Asher I wasn't his..?

"Maisie..?" My eyes widened when he spoke behind me. I turned around slowly and I noticed a hint of happiness, excitement and... lust in his eyes?!

"Uhm.." I didn't know what to say.. after the way I reacted and all....

"We need to talk about things"

What have I gotten myself into..?


I sat in the car in a tank top and cropped jeans with converse. My hair was tied up in a messy pony tail, my side bangs falling into my eyes slightly and at the side.

Asher was outside, changing into his spare clothes so I patiently waited inside.

I really wasn't looking forward to this chat. I sat there, looking at the phone in my hand while listening to a song on the radio that I didn't know.

I had just called Hanna and made sure Yasmin was safe. She tried to find out why my voice was off and knew I was nervous about something but I quickly hung up before she could ask me anymore.

I jumped slightly when the passenger door opened, the side I was on. I turned my head slightly and noticed Asher leaning in slightly so we were face to face.

He had a black tee on with chino's and my god, he looked extremely sexy.

He grabbed my hand and tugged me out of the car without saying a word. I stood in front of him, looking into his chest, not wanting to look up and face him.

"Maisie?" He asked but I refused to look up.

"Hm?"I only made a small sound, not wanting to speak.

"Look at me"




"We need to talk about this, I'm not joking"

I didn't reply at all because I knew he was right. We did.. but instead of admitting it I just shook my head stupidly.

The next thing I knew I was lifted in the air before being brought around to the front of the car. He sat me on the car bonnet and put his hands on it, either side of me.

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