Chapter 34

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Without saying another word, he began pulling up my tank top until it was over my head and I was just in my bra. He bent down, pulling my bra down slightly until his lips grazed my nipples.

I let out a surprised and pleasured gasp when he finally began licking and playing with them, not stopping once. I lay my head back, enjoying the sensation and moaning quietly.

He made his way up from my breasts, onto my collar bone when he began to kiss and nibble it lightly, his hands resting on my breasts.

His mouth went higher until they were right on my neck and I only realised what he was doing when I felt his teeth sink into me and a sharp pain running through my body, making me let out a painful whimper.

He had just marked me...


The pain surged through my body along with a tingly feeling and I became slightly light-headed. I suddenly felt his arm tongue graze against the marking and the pain began to fade away.

I was just marked...

"Are you alright?" He whispered in my ear before pulling away and looking down at me.

I stared up at him in surprise before my hand automatically went to my neck, investigating it. When I felt a small pain and the mark I winced slightly.

Ashers facial expression quickly changed and his face dropped. "Maisie...? Are you okay? Was it a mistake?" His voice was clearly panicked as he watched me closely.

I simply blinked and looked up at him, not removing my hand from my neck. I pushed myself up, his eyes didn't leave me once, his brows knitted together. I could almost hear his heart beating, it was weird.

I felt a stronger connection to him.. like he was part of me now. He dropped his hand from my body and stood back, watching me closely. I picked up my tank top and pulled it on before looking at him with a blank expression.

"Shit... what have I done?! I thought you wanted me to mark you!" He brought his hand to his forehead closing his eyes tightly, "I'm so sorry Maisie..."

I walked toward him, frowning at his reaction. "Maisie... shit.. listen-" He began but I raised my hand, placing it on his chest and gripping his top.

His expression changed to confusion as he looked down toward my hand and back to my face. "Maisie..?"

"Mine" I said quietly, a small smile appearing on my face. His eyes widened slightly before a smile broke out on his. Usually it was a sexy or know-it all smile but this was a genuinely excited one.

He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me into his chest. The scent that came from him was stronger now and like a drug. I wanted more of it.

Suddenly an eruption of howls broke out from a distance and my eyes widened. "What's going on?" I asked, looking toward the way they had come.

"They know..."

"What? Who knows what?" I asked as another surge of howls broke out. I pulled away from him and looked around in confusion.


"They know they have a new Luna"

"A new Luna?" I asked and slowly came to realisation when I noticed him raise his eyebrows. I looked down, looking over my body then to my hands as if something was on them.

I finally tugged my eyes away from them and looked up to Asher with panic. "I'm a Luna.." I whispered quietly and he didn't say a word, allowing it to properly sink in.

"I'm the Luna of the Moon Lupis pack... I belong to another pack... I have a mate.." I felt slightly light-headed thinking of everything and if it wasn't for Ashers tight grip I'd probably toppled over.

"Are you okay?" His voice was worried as another few howls broke out. I nodded my head slowly then winced slightly as a stinging sensation ran through it from the mark.

"You're mine now" I stared up at him in shock when he said that, "Only mine". My eyebrows knitted together and I simply nodded my head.

I raised my hand to my neck and my heart jumped, a small smile breaking on my face but I quickly hid it.

"Let's go back to the pack house, if that's okay with you. If you're ready that is" He said the last bit quickly, reminding me that I had time.

I nodded my head and instead of saying anything else, walked over to the passenger side of the car and opened it to get in.

Suddenly an arm snaked around me and I felt myself being tugged back into his chest.

Had he been following me?

The scent of him made me feel weak and I felt the heat coming from him. "Mine" He reminded me, his voice extremely husky. Oh god he sounded so sexy right now.

His hand began lowering slightly toward my sex and as much as I wanted it I hurriedly made my hand grab his and pull it back up to my stomach.

"Some of them might come out to find us and I don't want them to think there new Luna is a horny slut" I laughed but I felt him tense up.

"They wouldnt think that." He spun me around and his eyes shined, lust was clear in them, "They couldn't. Sluts are girls who sleep with many men... like I said you belong to me so I'm the only guy who can fuc-"

"Behave" I brought my finger to his lips, my face heating up knowing what he was about to say causing a smirk to appear on his lips.

I pushed him away from me and opened the door, allowing myself inside the car. He closed it behind me like a gentleman before walking around to his side of the car.

The door opened and he quickly hopped in then slamming it behind him. I tugged at my seat belt until it finally wrapped around me when my eyes landed on him starting the car.

"Seat belt" I said and he looked up to me, cocking his right eyebrow before letting out a sigh. He put the key in the ignition and the car came to life.

He went to put his foot on the gas pedal when I smacked his wrist. He let out a sigh and reached for his seat belt pulling it around me.

"Nerd" He grumbled and I didn't even bother arguing on how the hell the makes you a nerd for wanting to be safe.

The car moved forward and I rested my head against the window, watching the surroundings become blurry the faster we drove.

"Wake up" Asher said, tugging at my arm.


I turned to face him in confusion, his face was slightly filled with speckles until I rubbed my eyes and they disappeared.

I looked around and realised we were in front of the pack house. I hadn't ven realised I fell asleep.

"Hey lazy pants" He grinned when my eyes finally landed on his face again, "You ready?" I hesitated at his question before finally nodding my head and leaving the car, closing the door behind me.

I let out a yawn before noticing something weird. I had expected people to be in the yard waiting for our arrival but there was no-one in sight.


"I don't know" He looked equally as confused, glancing around, knowing what I was about to say.

We headed toward the door which was slightly ajar, making me worry slightly. Suddenly it began moving and opening itself up when a small head poked around the corner.

A smile broke out on my face when I saw Yasmin but it quickly disappeared when I noticed the blood running down the side of her face.

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