Chapter 40

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"I get it Accalia.. don't worry about it. If she's not back by tomorrow morning we'll go get her and you can come with us" I smiled before standing back up.

A wide smile spread on her face and she nodded her head eagerly. "Now go on" I nodded my head and both Lucien and Accalia left the room. I let out a tired sigh and brought my hand to my head.

"Want me to take you home?" Asher came up behind me, wrapping his arms around my waist. I hesitated for a moment, my jaw tightening before closing my eyes and taking a breath.

"I think this is my home. I'll move in next week" His grip tightened on me momentarily before spinning me around and kissing me. He pulled away before I could return the kiss, earning an annoyed groan come from me.

"I love you.." My heart sped up when he said those three words as I pulled him into another kiss. Everything seemed perfect at that moment... everything... but then why did my stomach feel nauseous?

Why did it feel like something was wrong?



I sat on the stairs staring at the front door, holding the phone to my ear. "I don't know Lauren.. she should be back by now. No.. no.. it's okay Asher and I are going to head to their back. He knows where they are. Yeah.. I will.. thanks.. bye" I hung up and rubbed my pulsing temples.

My eyes landed on the time on the phone and my heart dropped. It was half one in the day and she wasn't home. Yes there's a huge chance she's running late or having fun but I'm extremely paranoid and someone else won't get off my case.

"We have to go!" Accalia cried as Asher came down the stairs, ready to leave. He cocked his eyebrow at Accalia and shook his head. "You aren't coming".

Her jaw dropped when he said that and she folded her arms, the glare she sent him almost stung me. "Luna said I could! Isn't that right Maisie?" She snapped at Asher before looking toward me. My jaw tightened and I turned away. Why did I have to open my big mouth last night?

"If you don't bring me I'm going alone" The front door opened and Accalia ran out of it. I let out a cry and went to run after her. I pulled open the door to find a struggling Accalia in the arms of Lucien.

"Stop Accali.." He said and she calmed down. He opened his arms slowly and she grunted, shoving him off.

"Fine, you can come" I sighed and Asher barked out a laugh behind me.

"You're so easy to break" He shook his head before turning serious and looking to Accalia, "You better behave and stay in the car. Also be polite to the other pack or else".

She nodded her head obediently and rushed toward the car, pulling the door open and hopping in so quickly that I almost lost track of her. I hadn't been Luna for long and I was already dying.

Asher put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed it. "I'll give you a treat when we're back" He whispered in my ear, causing goosebumps to appear on my arm. I pushed him off, my face going red while biting my lip. At least I had something to look forward too.

"Hey what do you think you're doing?" Asher asked as Lucien began climbing into the car next to Accalia.

"I'm obviously coming" He said before closing the door behind him. I laughed at Asher's reaction before walking toward the car.

"Kids these days have so much sass. I'm the Alpha..." He whimpered almost like a puppy who had his bone taken away from him.

"C'mon pup,I'll give you your own special treat if you hurry" I winked at him before getting into the car and almost immediately we were driving off.

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