Chapter 27

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Hey guys, Apologise for the slow updates. I really feel bad. School is being stupid right now :( but here's your new chapter and as always I hope you enjoy!
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"He started it! If he hadn't been put to sit beside me!" I was sweating from trying to persuade the teacher and it was really pissing me off.

"Calm down Miss Ashford" He didn't look amused at all and I could see suspension was coming my way. I decided to sit myself down and count to ten so I wouldn't get suspended, I couldn't deal with that.

"She has anger issues.... so excuse her" Asher said calmly and my eyes snapped open.


"MAISIE ASHFORD, THIS IS YOUR LAST WARNING" The principal shouted, slamming his fist on the desk, causing me to jump. My jaw tightened but I held my tongue and just crossed my arms, not looking in Asher's direction as he chuckled.

"And Mr. Torres... you're new at this school so I urge you not to be starting trouble. You wouldn't want a suspension would you?" The principal turned to glare at him when he heard the chuckle.

I smirked but Asher just held up his hands, his eyebrows raised. "Sure, sure, my bad" He shrugged as if it was nothing and my jaw dropped when the principal left it at that.

"Moving on, who was the snitch who told on us?" My eyes narrowed and the principal just raised his eyebrows, "Out of my office both of you and be on good behaviour. I don't want to see you both back in here again,understand?".

"But-" I began but he shook his head, "Fine" I pushed myself rom the seat and stormed from the room into the empty corridoor of the school. Everyone was still in classes and suddenly the hairs on my neck stood on end.

I suddenly remembered why I was avoiding Asher. His pack had killed their past Luna, well that's what the guy said at least. Somehow he sounded so honest and something in me made me believe him.

I tensed up when I heard the door behind me shut. I knew he was behind me and that door blocked us from the principal, meaning I had no help. I was alone in the corridor with the Alpha who had supposedly killed his ex. Did he even have an ex? What pack has two Luna's.

"You seem nervous" My eyes widened when he spoke, feeling his breath tingling my neck. I bit my lip and tightened my fists.

Don't show fear.

I turned around slowly and noticed the amused look on his face. His eyes moved around, studying my face and I let out steady breaths. Suddenly a frown appeared on his face and his brow knitted together.

"You're actually scared" He commented more as a statement than a question, sensing how I was feeling.

Wow, nice job hiding the fear idiot!

"Mai..? What's wrong... why did you leave the other day.. you really are scared, I can sense it" He seemed to be getting more uspet by it and I noticed him swallow nervously.

I backed away from him and glanced to my left.


I looked to my right.


Shit... which way?

"Don't run" He grabbed my arm and pulled me toward him making me let out a small yelp.

"Let go of me!" I shoved him away and hurt was written all over his face. His eyes widened at my actions but dropped his hand to his side.

"Please don't run and tell me what's wrong" I could sense the worry in his voice.
This is only part 1 of chapter seven cos the rest was deleted and I need to rewrite it

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