Chapter 14

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"Anyway back to the truce" my father cleared his throat to get all our attention and to break the truce "Alpha Asher of the Moon Lupis pack, I hear by announce that the truce we have made is now ov-" His sentence was suddenly interrupted.

A blood-curdling scream came from the woods to the left of us. It sounded like a young girl. Then another one, this cry weaker and I could make out the scream to cry for "help".

And without a moments hesitation I sprinted off toward the cry.


I was about to shift until my arm was gripped tightly. I turned back and saw Asher looking passed me. "Let go!" I growled, pulling my arm in attempt to get loose. 

He didn't let go but nodded his head forward. I looked his direction and noticed a figure running out from behind a tree. I gasped.

It was a young girl, around the age of twelve. "Go" Asher whispered and let go of my arm. I looked up to him in surprise but he didn't meet my view. I ran off the the girl who was running my direction. 

Tears were streaming down her face and there was blood coming from her forehead and she cradled her left arm. "Help!" She cried to me, her eyes pleading which caused me to speed up.

We finally reached each other and I knelt down, pulling her into a hug. I felt someone behind me and I looked to find Asher, his eyes scouring the area she had come from. The girl was crying into my shoulder and I was amazed at how she trusted me.

"Help, it hurts!" She whimpered and first before it turned into a scream. I pulled back surprised and she was gripping her arm tightly. My heart began beating when I noticed.

"They got her vein! They bit her, they're turning her!" My voice was panicked and when I saw her face turn to fear I smiled, my hands shaking.

Tears continued down her face, gripping her arm. I heard the cracking of bones behind me and turned to see Lauren's grey wolf. Once the girl locked eyes to the wolf a scream came from her.

"Not again! You're with them!" She cried, her voice was weak now and she tried to get away but I didn't let her. I pullled her into me, and she tried to escape from me but I calmed my breathing to go with hers.

"Trust me. We're not like them, we're going to save you" My voice came calm and her arms dropped to her side and she whispered back ; "I think I'm dying... it hurts so much".

I pulled back, wiping away the tears away from her dirty cheeks. It was clear how much pain she was in but she was keeping a brave face.

I was surprised when David ran over and told me to lay her down. He examined her arm and opened the backpack that he carried on his back. He pulled out a small first aid kit, putting something I couldnt read on the cut.

She screamed loudly and thrashed but David just hummed and kept reassuring her. The girl looked up, fear in her eyes but calmed down. He wrapped a bandage around her and turned back to Asher. "We need to get her back to Madena".

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