Chapter 2

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I'm dedicating this chapter to one of my fav authors. The desk is a brilliant story <3


"Soooo, what's going on?" I was getting excited as I leaned against the counter next to my father. His eyes flicked to me but didn't speak, his eyes focusing back on the television.

I frowned and looked over to Simon. "He's half hoping the Alpha of the Moon Lupis pack decline working with us. They probably will".

"And why am I meeting them?" I asked, curious at there change of mine. Simon just shrugged and looked toward our dad now.

"He wants some of our pack members to come and it's better if the whole family is there" He muttered and I nodded my head, munching on my second nutri grain bar hoping to satisfy my grumbling stomach.

"Okay so when and where are we meeting up with them?" I asked, intrigued by this. Simon looked to dad and when he realised he wasn't going to speak he turned back to me.

"You know Phenix falls? Well it's a field close to the woodland area near that" He said and I nodded my head, knowing the area.

"Maisie?" I looked up when my dad called my name, "Ask Lauren if she wants to come, we're gathering a few pack members. We meet them at eleven am tomorrow morning".

I frowned at the time but nodded my head obediently. I hated early mornings, especially on weekends.

I left the room and headed back to Lauren who was still waiting in my bedroom. I pushed open the door and she looked up, finishing tying her hair back.

"So?" She asked.

"We're meeting the Moon Lupis pack at eleven am tomorrow. You're coming" I told her and it as clear she was confused but she didn't push on it.

"Laur... promise me you wont change and become all superior when you become Luna... Simon will be Alpha soon. Because if you do, I will kick your ass" I grinned and she grabbed me into a hug.

"Never" She murmured, causing me to laugh. I pushed her off me and shook my head, "What did I say about hugs?".

She pouted and I ruffled her hair causing a smile to appear on her face. "Oh my last night me and Simon had such a fun time" Her face becom flushed and I waited her to go on before I realised.

"Stop, I don't want to know about that stuff! Wait I thought he was on patrol.." I tilted my head, slightly confused at what she had said and a goofy grin appeared on her face.

"No, a wet dream" She giggled and I just frowned.


"Ew?" She asked almost shocked and I nodded my head. I had only had two wet dreams ever and they were not good ones.

One of them was where I was a naughty school girl, had sex with my teacher, became pregnant then everybody gave out to me. To make it worse my geography teacheer is like forty years or something.

I shivered and the thought and it was enough evidence for her to realise. "That's because you haven't had a proper one yet. Okay if you keep thinking dirty things about the person and the times you've hung out then you can have one!".

I let out a small sigh. "I've never met anyone dumber than you" She scowled at my choice of words then folded her arms.

"Well yesterday I kept thinking of Si-"

"Stop. Don't need to know" I held up my hand in front of her face. One of the worst things about your best friends being the mate of your brother. She wants to share every detail with you.

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