Chapter 28

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"You're rejecting me?!" He cut in, his mind-link was full of anger,"You're rejecting me because I won't tell you something?!"

I paused and tilted my head. 

"No... I wouldn't mind if you didn't want to tell me some stuff. I understand" My voice was calm at first until I continued, "But yes, I'm rejecting you if you don't explain why you fucking killed a girl you creep!".

His face had hurt written over it but I ignored it. I didn't care.Not anymore. Not for a killer. But something in my heart told me that was a lie.

When he said nothing I started again. "I, Maisie Ashford, rej-"

"Stop!" His voice was loud, his eyes burned into me.

"Tell me..."

It was silence for a minute and I wanted to hit or bite something. 

"Fine, if that's how you want it Asher then-"

"I killed her!" His voice was loud as he shut her eyes. The next line he said... made me blood run cold, "I killed her because..she was the person who killed your mother"


He was lying.

He couldn't be telling the truth.

Sure I didn't know how my mother died but... why did he know...

"No.." Was all that I could manage him as my tail fell limmp between my back legs. He advanced toward me but I didn't move. My head dropped down and I looked at my paws.

"You liar... You're lying... how would you know she's dead?! How would you know she's my mom!?" I tried to sound mad but it came out as a whimper until I felt the warmth of him beside me. His nuzzled his large head above mine.

"I'm not, I promise. I didn't want you to find out like this Maisie... I'm sorry" He whined but I barely heard him. I never knew how she died, we never even managed to get her body back. She was ripped to shreds so we couldn't even bury her... only get her cremenated and spread her ashes.

"You don't know if it was her"

"Theresa Ashford" My heart ached when he spoke the name and I let out a cry which was a whimper in my wolf form.

"MAISIE, WHERE ARE YOU?! WHAT'S WRONG?!" Simon's voice appeared in my mind-link but Asher didn't hear it since he wasn't related to him or in my pack.

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