Chapter 7

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I smoothly and easily dodged the trees, maneuvering left to right sniffing the air for Simon's scent. I followed it, it was easy to make out since he was my brother but Asher's strong scent was almost blocking it.

He was running behind me and if he wasnt an Alpha he would be way behind. Female wolves are faster than males while the males are stronger.Just by a small bit, to be honest I think fighting takes more skill than strength.

And since I had Alpha's blood in me it meant I was even faster than most female wolves who didn't have rich bloodlines. I closed in on his scent and slowed down when Simon's wolf came into few. The extremely dark brown wolf whipped his head around, his dark green eyes were dull.

'Anything?' I mindlinked him and he shook his head. His ears were low in disappointed and I growled in annoyance. 'Well what about there scent? Can't you follow them?' My eyes were furious and Asher trotted pasted me lowering his large head sniffing at it.

His ears went down for a moment as if he was thinking before raising them up again. 'I feel like a know this scent' He commented to me and Simon.

Simon pawed at the ground in annoyance, his wolf growling. 'Any idea where you know it from?' Asher shook his head at Simon's question which caused Simon's wolf to whine.

I began trotting off and paused when I heard large paws following me. I turned my head and met Asher's bright green eyes watching me. 'Where are you going?'.

My ears went down at his question. 'That's none of your business' I turned back and began trotting off letting out an annoyed whine when I heard his paws following me.

'I told Alpha thomas I'd watch over you' He explained behind me, talking about my dad. I scowled on the inside and slowed down to a halt. I would not be able to look around with him on my trail. I would later on when he went back with his pack.

I turned back around and he tilted his head in question. 'Nevermind, I don't want to even bother looking then' I growled, angry at his behaviour. He watched me walk by him and his wolf had an amused look on his face almost as if he was smirking.

I noticed Simon's eyes on us, curiousity dancing in them. I narrowed my eyes and bared my teeth causing him to turn with a laughing yelp. 'What?' I mind-linked only him, blocking Asher out of the call.

He didn't face me but looked away. 'Nothing Maisie... head home I'm going to do some investigating with T.J" He responded, talking about one of our other warriors. I hesitated for a moment but then nodded my head and walked off for home.

I suddenly realised how silent it was and I turned back to find Simon and Asher staring at each other. Wait... they were mind-linking privately!?

I let out a small bark like growl to warn them. I hated people who mind-linked privately.. even though I just did it but still, it was different whn I did it.

They both broke the stare and turned to me in unison which was kind of freaky. 'Let's go' Asher said and trotted past me. I eyed Simon and he just headed off the other direction so instead I turned and chased after Asher.


We slowed to a trot when my house came into few. It was larger than the average house but wasn't a mansion or anything. My eyes landed on Lauren who walked out of the house, clothes folded in her hand.

I bowed my large head in thanks and she shot me a smile, leaving them on one of the sunchairs outside the garden. I turned to Asher who had his eyes on my wolf and I let out a bark sound.

This caught his attention and his eyes roamed to my face. 'Turn around' I mind-linked him but he didn't turn away, 'Okay maybe I need to get my father involved' An evil tint appeared in my eyes and he let out a low growl but obediently walked away.

Being as quick as possible I shited back to my human form and threw on the clothes left for me. I heard footsteps heading toward me and my eyes landed on david who came out with clothes, which I assumed was for Asher.

I didn't bother wait and headed on into the house. Once I entered I frowned when I realised my father wasn't around. "Where's-" I began to ask Lauren and she quickly answered,

"He's talking to the elders on the phone" She handed me a slice of toast and I began munching on it. My head turned around when I heard a knock on the sliding glass doors from the back which were open.

David stood there and gave me a small smie then nodded to Lauren. "Alpha Asher wanted me to tell you he has to go" I pursed my lips when he said this, feeling he wasn't telling us something.
"See you later Lun-, Miss Ashford" He corrected himself quickly and I didn't scold him because unlike the other two David was nice

"David don't be so formal, call me Maisie" I gave him a small smile which he returned and bowed his head. Suddenly I came to realisation, wasn't Asher supposed to meet some of my pack?

I brushed it off and lifted my hand to wave goodbye to David. He left at that and quickly jumped over the fence and disappeared. I pursed my lips and heard Lauren sigh from beside me.

She sighed again once more and I realise she wanted my attention so I turned to her, my eyebrow raised. "What's wrong?" I asked and she lifted her head to look at me.

"I wanted to go with Simon but he wouldn't let me" She whined but her face suddenly lit up, "So.... you and Asher?" Her voice almost sounded as if she was singing. I let out a moan and turned away from her, heading toward my bedroom.

Most bedroom are upstairs but mine was at the bottom. I felt better down there for some reason so they turned our second sitting room into a bedroom. 

I wasn't surprised when I heard her footsteps follow me. "Please, I really don't want to talk about it. To sum it up, he's an asshole and-"

"A hot amazingly sexy asshole  who's your destined mate" I scowled when she interuppted me.

"AND he's a douche so no I'm not giving him a chance. Anyway.. I'm going on the date with Adam tomorrow" I grinned, knowing this would make Lauren change topic. Once we made it to my room I let out a sigh knowing I was in for a night of non stop talking.


Everyone was in bed now, Lauren sleeping next to me in my double bed. Her loud snoring kept me awake but I didn't mind, I had planned to stay up anyway.

I pulled off my side of the covers and stood out of the bed. Glancing back to Lauren I was happy she was still asleep. I had told her what I was doing because if I was gone when she woke up, she'd probably get the whole pack after me.

It took me a while to get her to finally agree with me that it was okay. Well I told her I'd only take thirty minutes but to be honest I wasn't that sure. Who knows, I might die.

Okay I shouldn't say that.

I was already in my bra and panties so I was already close to being ready. I stripped down the rest of my clothes so I was fully naked. There was no point in putting on some clothes which were going to rip when I transformed.

Grabbing the towel I had left on the ground I wrapped it around me and left my room, running all the way to the back.  The wind was slightly chilly so once I ran out of the backgarden into the woods behind it  quickly changed, hearing my bones cracking from shifting.

I hated that noise, it made me feel weird. Okay well I was weird... I mean I'm a werewolf so that's not really normal. 

I shook my pelt once I had shifted into my wolf form and looked back to the house. Letting out a huff I turned around and sprinted off back to investigate the scene from earlier.

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