Chapter 15

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Recap from last chapter:

My face heated up when I noticed about seven other men in the yard and two girls, there eyes glued to me. I jumped up quickly, embarrassed by the looks. "Thank you" I heard a croaky voice and I looked down at Paul.

"Do you have water for him?" I was surprised when Asher threw me a bottle and I quickly caught it. I opened it and passed it to the weak Paul as the woman, who I assumed was Madena, knelt beside him, looking over him.

She let out an 'aah' sound when she noticed something on his neck. "Is he alright?" I asked and she looked up at me, her eyes watched me carefully.

"You are our rival pack, yet you helped him?" She said it as a question and I looked away.

"Well he never did anything wrong to me or my family. Obviously I was going to help him" I mumbled, shoving my hands in my pocket and looked up to Asher who walked by my side now.

He looked down at me with proud eyes and I stared at him in confusion. Madena turned back to Paul to aid him and I could have sworn I heard her say "She will make a perfect Luna".

"You know everyones talking about you" Asher said, walking me back into his house. I frowned at his words and my eyes snapped up when I heard someone running toward us. A girl with light brown hair looked up to Asher.

"Why did you leave Yasmin alone?" She asked, her voice was annoyed by the sound of it. Asher brushed past her with a sigh before her eyes locked onto me. A small gasp came from her.

"Luna!" She covered her mouth with her hands and I let out a sigh. "I'm not your Luna, it's just Maisie" I corrected her and she didn't seem happy by my words but just nodded her head.

"Hanna, how's Yasmin?" Asher interrupted our conversation and she turned back and just now we noticed young Yasmin waiting by the door. A smile grew on my face and I walked over to her, kneeling down.

"Hey... you're up" I mumbled and she gave me a huge grin, nodding her head. I'm surprised at how fast she settled in. My body tingled when I felt a hand on my should and I looked up to see Asher. He wasn't looking at me but at Yasmin instead.

"Hey, we got some people we want you to meet" He told her and I heard small footsteps run to us. Two young children appeared around the age of Yasmin or younger.

"Hi, I'm Lucien!" The young boy said with a small smile, holding out his hand "I'm thirteen years old. And this is Accalia, she's only twelve".

"That's only one year younger than you jerk!" She snapped and Yasmin gave them a shy smile. "I'm Yasmin, I'm twelve aswell".

Both of the children gave her a welcoming smile. "Want to play with us?" Lucien asked and Yasmin looked to both I and Asher as if we were her guardians. Asher nodded his head "Of course".

A smile grew on Yasmin's face and she followed the others and ran off excited. "A lot of people live in this house" I pointed out, standing up again. Asher shook his head.

"Not all of them live here, they just come and hang out" He explained and I pursed my lips, my eyes staying on the place where the children had run off too.

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