Chapter 12

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In an instant the wolf on the opposite side pushed through some of his pack members, racing toward mine with viciousness, his teeth bared. I didn't hesitate to react as did Simon and we quickly shifted to our wolves and for once I barely heard the noise of my bones.

When I turned around my eyes widened in horror. The sandy wolf from the Moon Lupis pack was ripping in to one of our members. Thankfully he was in his wolf form too so he could fight back. There was blood and a lot of it.

I lunged for the wolf pushing him off our pack member, baring my teeth in warning to stand down. Simon nudged my side, indicating me he'd take over and to calm down. One of the laws were not to attack a pack member if they are working with you.

Even if that asshole broke it, I knew how ashamed my family would be if I did.

I nodded my head and turned around when my eyes landed on our injured pack member, fury boiled in me. All I wanted to do was rip into that pack member then I heard his words.

"Alpha Asher" My dad spoke, his voice filled with anger and authority, "The deal is off, I don't want our pack to have any partnership with yours".

We weren't co-operating with them anymore.

And before I could stop myself I spun around and leapt onto the wolf, anger taking over, who had hurt my pack member. 

I don't care if I killed him, I would prove that no-one could hurt my pack and get away with it...


I felt blood fill my mouth as I bit into the wolf who had attacked one of our members. He let out a furious yelp from pain and attempted to kick me off but I had the upper hand. I bared my fangs, knocking him on to his back.

I turned to my right when I heard a growl. It was the Beta, Rick. My eyes narrowed, I always had a feeling he didn't like me. He didn't attack me but just growled, indicating for me to stand down.

In that clumsy moment, the wolf from under me managed to get a grip of my frwont paw with his jaw and I fell with a painful whine. He bared hisA teeth and bit down into my side now and I thrashed furiously. It wasn't that sore but he got my paw in a sore place and it was hurting.

I noticed a black wolf run across me and I realised the sandy coloured wolf was off me now. My head turned and I noticed Asher's wolf glaring down at him. Then my eyes opened wide when I saw another wolf, just a shade darker than my brother's.


He shoved off Asher and opened his wide jaws, biting down onto the Sandy coloured wolf until he was limp. Growls erupted from the moon lupis pack and Asher pushed himself to his feet.

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