Chapter 16

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"I almost marked you as mine... my wolf was taking control. I don't want to do it with you until you say your mine" He growled and I watched him in shock. He almost marked me...

"We don't have to go all the way" I whispered, surprised at my own words.

He watched me for a moment as if he was thinking. Then he shook his head while rubbing his temples. "I wont be able to stop myself." He said.

"What but-" I was surprised at myself for making excuses and wanting him to continue, is this what a mate attraction caused. Why him?!

"Out..." He growled and I didn't move for a moment. He threw me his top that he had just taken off and I watched him in shock. "Get out, now! David will take you home".

Without saying anymore he made me dress myself and pushed me out the door without another words, leaving me in shock.

He really was a dick.

I watched the two wolves fight in front of me, snarling and growling as they tried to take the other down. They were strong.

I was sitting down watching as this went on, my tail not wagging once. I heard paws walking up beside me before stopping when they reached me. The person/wolf sat down and I turned my head to see who it was.


Lauren's grey wolf sat there, unmoving for a moment. I attempted to get up and move away but she let out a quiet growl. "Why have you been avoiding me?" She mind-linked only me so no one else could hear.

My wol frowned. "I haven't" My reply was stupid when I cleary had. Turns out that stupid Alpha had managed to give me a hickey and if anyone in my family saw it, they'd go crazy. Especially Lauren.

"Did something happen that day you went to te Moon Lupis pack? Did they hurt you...?" Her voice was filled with worry and I felt bad.

"Nothing like that" I reassured her. This was boring, watching the wolves train in front of me. I pushed myself up and trotted away with Lauren at my heels. She whimpered in order for me to tell her.

"Then why have you been acting weird? You're hiding all the time"  It was a good thing wolves could mind link because if not I'm pretty sure everyone would hear her, she's so loud.

"Can we drop it... please" I let out a small bark, turning back and my eyes widened when I saw her tail begin to wag.

"SO SOMETHING DID HAPPEN!" She sounded excited.

I didn't reply.

"Maybe Simon should know..." I let out  a low growl when she threatened me and I heard her wol bark as laugh.

If she wasnt my best friend, my wolf would have her pinned t the ground by now. "Fine I'll tell you!" I growled and I heard her jump around behind me in happiness.

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