Chapter 5

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"Honey please" My dad continued to knock at my door and I attempted to cover my ears with my pillow, but it wasn't helping in anyway.

"I'm sorry, Simon only told me this morning" He sighed from the other side of the door. I refused to talk to him after making the deal last night, even if he only found out Asher and I were destined mates this morning.

I was mad. Really mad. At Simon and Dad.

"Can you please just go without me?" My voice was pleading and it was silent for a minute. Had he left? My heartbeat quickened in hope he had left.

"Honey... you have to come, it's not my choice" I cussed when he finally spoke and let out an annoyed groan.

I was glad he didn't talk more about the mates things. Having that type of talk with your father... it wasn't the best thing for a girl to do. "Please Maisie, I don't want to have to make you" He pleaded and a pain in my heart appeared.

"Fine" I sighed, pushing myself from my bed. I pulled the towel that had been hiding my wet hair from the shower and walked over to plug in my hair dryer.

My black hair looked straight now but the moment it was dry, it was going to be a wavy mess again. I turned on the dryer and began drying my hair as quickly as I could.

When I was finally done I unplugged it and curled the lead around it before throwing it on my bed. My stomach growled ferociously and I patted it gently while leaving the room.

I sniffed the air, my mouth watering at the scent of bacon and eggs. Running to the kitchen I found Lauren cooking breakfast while Simon was napping on the couch. He wasn't a morning person either.

My dad turned his head toward me, his face lighting up. "I'm sorry for making you do this" He frowned and I shrugged. To be honest if it was anyone else I'd probably rip them apart and go back to bed.

But this was my dad and he was important to me, and I kind of felt guilty.

"Maisie, can you wake Simon please?" She requested and I picked up a lone shoe on the ground, throwing it at his head.

A normal person would be up now from pain and holding there head, but his eyes just opened slowly and they landed on me. He shot me a glare before pulling himself upright and letting out a yawn.

"Alright food's almost ready" She called and I went over to the table, taking a seat as Simon glided past me to help Lauren.

Once I was passed my plate and dug in straight away. As fast as I devoured my food, even after Simon began eating after me he finished first.

"Thank you Lauren, that was lovely" I said after letting out a burp, laughing at Lauren's disgusted face.

"Manners Maisie" Simon shook his head and I just rolled my eyes, drinking my orange juice.

"So... when are they coming?" My voice was now cold while wiping my orange juice moustache away with my hand.

My father frowned at my tone and looked to Simon who just shrugged. "Soon enough" He sighed, standing up and taking our finished plates to bring to the sink. He kissed Lauren on her head mumbling "Thank you gorgeous" which caused her to giggle.

"Please don't make me bring up my food" I hissed and Lauren just shot me a scowl. I laughed and shook my head, standing up.

"I'm going for a run" I quickly said, hurriedly walking out the room only to be stopped by Simon gripping my arm. His eyes met mine and my jaw tightened.

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