Chapter 10

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This chapter is dedictated to Francis, 'The Surgeon' is one of the most twisted books (n a good way) I  have read and its just awesome.

Anyways heres the new chapter and as always I hope you enjoy! (Not edited)



"Goodnight Maisie Ashford" He whispered, his breath tickling my neck. I stood there not knowing what to say, feeling my face becoming heated again.

I opened my mouth to reply when I heard footsteps behind me.

"Where the hell have you been?!" I jumped when I heard Simon's angry voice. My head whipped around and I pulled a worried face.

I felt a hand being placed on my head. "Good luck" Asher whispered before turning away and running, shifting into his big black wolf.  I looked toward him as he disappeared in the distance only to see him turn back once more, his green eyes meeting mine.

They seemed to be taunting me. I scowled at him and he just turned away, running off into the woods.

"Mai?!" Simon called me, tugging at my arm, "What were you doing out here?" He half shouted half whispered.

Great, thanks a million Lauren! Time for a night of lecturing!


I was uncomfortable.

So uncomfortable.

Her eyes were watching me like a hawk.

It was impossible to watch my show.

"What?" I finally snapped out Lauren who's eyes were popping out of their sockets. She didn't look away once. I thought she had sold me out but turns out Simon had woken up to get a drink and came in checking on Lauren.

Yes, Lauren... not me... his sister.

I had explained about both kisses in small detail to her and she didn't turn away once, even now that I finished the story. She didn't reply, just watched me.

"I'm going now, I have to meet Adam" I muttered shaking my head. I had decided last night was a mistake. Yes it felt perfect and amazing but it wouldn't work out. He was arrogant most of the time and Alpha of my rival pack like I said before.

"Fine fine" Lauren got off my bed and followed me out the door, "I'll talk to you later, don't be to fast because me and Simon are going to-"

"Shut up" I interuppted. I did not want to know how that sentence was going to finish. She burst out laughing and I rolled my eyes before heading off.


"So, how've you been?" Adam supped on his fanta through his straw while I just twirled my coke around, listening to the baging of the icecubes.

I shrugged my shoulders "I'm just glad we have this one week break off from school. Thank lord for that gas leak". He laughed at what I said before stretching.

"So, any news?" I raised my head from the drinking, taking a drink from it before eyeing our food coming this way. My double cheeseburger was put down in front of me and Adam's in front of him.

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