Chapter 22

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I wasnt going to post today because I want to like post every two - three days but since I didnt for a while, Imma make up for it. 

Also I've started reading a book called the mate chase and it's brilliant! You should definetly check it out if you havent already. It's by Chuggs3y.

Anyway here is the new chapter and as always I hope you enjoy. Sorry for all the errors, I dont edit my chapters.



"Hey stop! No fighting allowed" I called out and they both looked toward me. Simon gave me a small smile but Asher's face remained emotionless.

"I'm sorry honey but we have to go, there's a bit going on back at home but..." He hesitated, "Asher said he'll bring you home later... the nurse wants to check on you one more time".

My jaw dropped.

"You're leaving me?!" I asked and Simon laughed at my reaction. He walked over and placed his hand on my head, ruffling my hair a bit, causing me to scowl.

"Don't worry, if he doesnt bring you home tonight, we'll kill him." The end of his sentence had no joke in it so instead of saying anything else I just nodded my head.

"What's going on back at home?" I turned to face my father now who just frowned and shook his head. Shit that wasn't a good sign'

"Dad what's going on?!"

"Another attack happened... and this time it didn't end well".


I sat there, staring out the door for a few minutes after they left.. maybe I should go back with them now if they needed help.. If anyone else gets hurt..

"If you go back you'll be a burden." Asher said from the corner of the room which caused me to scowl. So rude. "What I mean is.. you won't be very helpful in your state and they'll be keeping an eye on you the whole time and won't be able to watch out for themselves".

When he noticed I didn't take much comfort from that sentence he let out a sigh. He pushed himself from off the wall and left out the door causing my brows to knit together and purse my lips.

What was he doing?

I heard talking not that far away and a few moments later Asher returned, not meeting my eyes. I waited for him to speak.

"I sent some of my pack to patrol around your territory incase anyone tries to get in" He raised his eyebrows, waiting for my reaction. I wasn't sure if I was happy by that or not. Sure it would help my pack but what is they were like the last member of this pack who injured my pack member.

"I sent David and Karl... they won't hurt anyone" I looked up and finally our eyes met.

"It's like you can read my mind" I commented which cause him to smirk and shake his head. "No, you're faceis just so easy to read... or maybe it's a mate thing". He waited for my reaction and I just frowned.

"We aren't mates" My voice had sounded firm in my head but I heard it wobble when t escaped my lips. His eyes turned dark for a moment but he quickly shut his eyes before I could get a proper look.

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