Chapter 31

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I'm so annoyed! Chapter 32 just disappeared and now I've to re-write it omfg! Guys... school is gonna be the death of me :'(

5 weeks left though! Hopefully I can get through them!

Enjoooooy! (Not edited)



It all stopped for a moment until her eyes finally shot open. They were scared, looking around for help. She pushed herself up but in a matter of moments her four legs gave away, as she wasn't used to it.

She stopped in her tracks when she noticed us and a whine escaped her lips. She pushed herself up weakly, her legs shaky, her paws dug into the ground to keep her upright.

I knelt down and she made her way over, her eyes filled with fear. Since she was still young her wolf wasn't that large. She was in her pre-teens.

I crawled forward and she collapsed in my arms. Her coat was rough but had a soft touch to it. Her panting still harsh.

She looked up at me, her ears went back as she whined and made barking noises, attempting to speak to me. "I don't understand you, let me shift" I whispered and she simply nodded her head.

"No" Asher spoke from behind me and I glared at him. He wasn't looking at me though, he was looking back into the woods where we saw the set of eyes.

"We don't have time" He turned his back to me and now I understood. The two eyes were still there, watching us but now their were two more sets along side it. Advancing toward us.


A whine erupted from behind me and I turned back to see Yasmin backing up, her tail between her legs.

"Run" I whispered to her. Her brown eyes landed on me and she shook her head furiously. Asher didn't hesitate to turn to both of us.

"Shift then run with her" He growled and my eyes widened. He couldnt be serious.

"You shift and run with her" I replied and he let out an annoyed moan. His eyes left me and back to the wolves who were now froze in place, their bodies not fully revealed from the shadows.

Another whine came from behind us and it was clear Yasmin was panicking. "Asher, get her to safety. I can outrun them" I said hurriedly. The wolves weren't moving yet but I wasn't going to wait around and see what would happen.

Asher looked at me in shock. "Are you serious?" His voice was filled with anger, "Are you asking me to leave you alone to get those wolves to follow you?"

My jaw tightened. Why was he so fricking stubborn?!

Yasmin made a bark like sound behind us and I quickly turned to her. She was trying to communicate with me. She whined and barked furiously, nodding toward the wolves.

I whipped around and was about to shift, thinking they were coming our way again but they were in the same position.

"Asher, I'm going to shift, she's trying to tell us something" I informed him and he just nodded his head.

"Me too"

The cracking of bones were almost in sync as we both began to shift, our bodies changing shape until we were in our wolf forms.

It was easy to see the size difference Yasmin's wolf was ours now. She was definetly smaller.

"Guys?! Guys?! Hello?!" Good, she was able to mind-link.

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