Chapter 45

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None of them would reach me in time... I was done for.

Everything was slow motion as I looked back to the 'father'. " I am invincible. Your family will be destroyed. Nighty night Maisie" He smirked, pulling back the hammer of the gun. I closed my eyes before hearing Yasmin screaming my name. Out of nowhere the controller was out of my hand and I opened my eyes in shock.

Things were so slow... so so slow... it felt like a movie... it almost seemed paused.

The 'father' who was just about to pull the trigger looked at Yasmin in shock as she charged toward him. She dived onto him, resting her neck against where his heart was and wrapped her arms around his neck, leaving her wrists against his neck.

What... what was she doing?

Suddenly I realised it.

She looked back at me with tears in her eyes, giving me a weak smile. "NO YASMIN!" I cried out trying to push myself up but it was too late.

A loud roar came from the man while a high pitched scream like wail erupted from Yasmin. The man's eyes looked like they were about to pop out as he shook ferociously. Yasmin kept her eyes shut tight as her body shook violently, crying out in pain until both of them dropped to the ground.

The 'Father' lay there, his body jerking now and again while Yasmin's was just still.

Dread fell over me.


Ashers POV

It was probably the worst sight I ever watched in my whole life.
I felt her emotions mix in with mine as her eyes stared at Yasmin's body.
It seemed like everything was silent for a moment before she pushed herself up weakly. Her eyes seemed blank as she stumbled over to Yasmin and knelt down next to her, tears rolling down her eyes. Her eyes darted toward the now shaking man known as 'father'.

Her eyes examined Yasmin, who's eyes weakly looked over at Maisie. She gave her a weak smile but Maisie's expression didn't change. "Thank you" She whispered quietly, blood dripping from her mouth.

"Don't speak, you can tell me when we're home. You're gonna be ok!" Her voice came out rushed as her eyes darted around, "Someone please help her". Maisie's father walked over and placed his hand gently on her shoulder.

Her eyes widened and she pushed him off. "I SAID HELP HER" She screamed and I went to walk over to her but Simon shook his head, indicating she needed to be left alone.

"Come on, this isn't funny.. she'll be fine... you'll be fine!" Her eyes looked down to Yasmin who just looked up at her and shook her head.

"It's okay.... I'm okay. If I hadn't met you I wouldn't know what it was like to live... I'm ready.."She tried to lift her hand to touch Maisie's face but it fell weakly and she winced, her body twitching slightly.

Maisie laughed a small cry, smiling down at her and shaking her head. "Don't speak like that... We'll get help" She said again, trying to keep hope as tears streamed down her face. She looked around, begging for help but everyone gave her sad looks.

"Dad...?" She looked up at him and he just shook his head. "No! She's not going to-"

"Stop" Yasmin spoke up weakly, "I-"

"LET ME GO! LET ME GO!" Accalia broke in and I looked to see her thrashing about in Lucien's arms. She broke free and ran over to Yasmin. "SOMEBODY HELP HER, MAISIE'S RIGHT!"

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