Chapter 27 (Part Two)

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Okay so the last chapter probably didn't  make any sense right? So I didt know the chapter had deleted itself -.- I was so annoyed... it was a long chapter so now this is just it shortened because Im too annoyed to write the whole thing out again.

Also sorry for all the late updates. Two more month until school is finished for me... forever! Yaya!

Alright here is your new chapter and as always I hope you enjoy. (Not edited)



I tensed up when I heard the door behind me shut. I knew he was behind me and that door blocked us from the principal, meaning I had no help. I was alone in the corridor with the Alpha who had supposedly killed his ex. Did he even have an ex? What pack has two Luna's.

"You seem nervous" My eyes widened when he spoke, feeling his breath tingling my neck. I bit my lip and tightened my fists.

Don't show fear.

I turned around slowly and noticed the amused look on his face. His eyes moved around, studying my face and I let out stedy breaths. Suddenly a frown appeared on his face and his brow knitted together.

"You're actually scared" He commented more as a statement than a question, sensing how I was feeling.

Wow, nice job hiding the fear idiot!

"Mai..? What's wrong... why did you leave the other day.. you really are scared, I can sense it" He seemed to be getting more uspet by it and I noticed him swallow nervously.

I backed away from him and glanced to my left.


I looked to my right.


Shit... which way?

"Don't run" He grabbed my arm and pulled me toward him making me let out a small yelp.

"Let go of me!" I shoved him away and hurt was written all over his face. His eyes widened at my actions but dropped his hand to his side.

"Please don't run and tell me what's wrong" I could sense the worry in his voice.


He sounded worried.. really worried but it could just be an act. My head turned back slightly when suddenly a plan formed in my head. I couldn't let someone like Asher roam free, killing people off.

So I did it...

I turned...

and Ran.

I sprinted down the corridoor of the school, turning at every corner, heading toward the front entrance. I heard him behind me, trying to keep up with me but being a female in the pack I was faster.

That didn't stop him, he was around ten feet behind me, due to his Alpha role. I ignored the student that shot us a weird look at how fast we were running in school, I just had to hope that the person didn't tell the teachers.

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