Chapter 41

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Another short chapter. Sorryyy. Not edited (Like always) Enjoy!
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"These people want to wipe out our kind. It's a suicide mission going in with just the two of us. We need our strongest pack members, we're Saving her Asher" My voice was low and filled with anger until I felt a tug on my sleeve.

I turned to down to look at Lucien. "We want to help" He watched me carefully and I sighed lightly shaking my head.
I raised my head, looking around until my eyes landed on Lauren.
"Bring these two to Eva and Hannah back at my pack house. Warn them not to let them out of their sight" she nodded her head at what I just said and before either of the two could argue, Simon hurried over, making sure neither of them escaped.
Thank god they had come. I felt bad for being annoyed at both of them now.
Accalia struggled, thrashing about until she finally disappeared from my sight.
I wasn't going to allow any other members of my pack come to harm.


We were back at the scene with more of our pack aswell as Simon's. Lola explained more once she was healed up and feeling better. They were a large and strong pack, one of the most dangerous around. The thing was they lay low so they were unknown.

"And you know their location?" I asked, kneeling in front of Lola who was on the ground, now sitting up. She watched me, a frown appearing on her face and a small shrug appearing upon her shoulders. "They move around often... but if you have a tracker I managed to collect a piece of Yasmin's clothes that they ripped off".

"THEY WHAT?!" I growled, horrible images coming into my head. Anger swelled through my body and Ashers hands quickly wrapped around me trying to calm me down but I struggled around until I broke free.

"Cillian"I called out to one of our pack's best trackers and he hurried over without asking questions. I took the blue ripped clothing that Lola had pulled out and passed it to Cillian. "Find her" I growled, not caring at that moment if I sounded like an asshole.

He nodded his head and began to shift right beside me, not bothering to take off his clothes. He brought his head down util his nose touched the cloth as he began to smell it, retrieving the scent from it.

He raised his head, smelling the air around him until his body went rigid. He raised his head in the air and howled loudly, indicating he had caught her scent. In almost five seconds everyone had shifted, all except a few who were tending to the wounded.

We had gathered the strongest people from both our packs so we had many people along with us incase they put up a fight, which was highly likely. I walked up beside Cillian and he nodded his head as he began to sprint the direction of north.

Asher and I didn't hesitate to follow him as the sound of many paws echoed through the wood. I looked back momentarily and couldnt help but smile at the amount of people who wanted to retrieve Yasmin.

So many cared... if she knew this right now, I knew how happy she'd be.

About twenty five followed us or even more. I quickly turned back around, racing beside Cillian, following his every movement and watching him carefully to see what direction he was going. Now and again he would pause and sniff around ferociously before running off again.

It felt like hours when in reality it was probably only half an hour and this was all of us running at our top speed without taking breaks. By the time Cillian took his final stop everyone was out of breath but they quickly recovered for Yasmin's sake.

Only now did I take in the surroundings. We were near the edge of the woods, far off from human contact. It was a place that hikers wouldnt go, a place that would be almost impossible to find unless you were a werewolf of course.

As we broke through the trees I paused and looked ahead of me in surprise. There was a huge castle like building except it was broken down. There was rubble around and it seemed extremely old but also well cared for in a sense.

But that's not what fazed me. In front of the building sat three wolves, glaring at us, not blinking once. It was like a stand off as we just stared at them for a while. "Behind you" The large one in the middle growled, his eyes lighting up, full of mischief.

I whipped around like every wolf and my eyes went wide when ten more wolves appeared. My heart dropped momentarily, suddenly regretting rushing in like this. We should have planned a bit more but I didn't know we'd catch up so quick.

"Luna!" One of the wolves behind me cried out, diving on top of me and pinning me down just as the wolf in the middle went to bite at my neck. Instead his teeth landed into my pack member who has just saved me and he let out an agonised yelp.

Before I could help him Asher was on top of the large wolf, ripping into him. It didn't take moments after for the other wolves to begin fighting. At first I thought we had an easy chance of winning this due to the numbers. That was until more wolves appeared before us.

The two other wolves that had been ahead of us were now being taken care of by Rick and Cillian as they fought viciously. Yelps and whines were all that filled the air and I didn't know who they were coming from. My pack, Simon's pack or the enemies?

It was terrifying not knowing this but I knew this is why they were here. They were here to fight, thy were here to protect and I knew what I needed to do. I had to pray to the Wolves above that no huge injuries would come out of this and no lives would be lost.

Once I saw my chance I darted past the wolves and entered the ruined castle below. "No Luna!" I wasn't sure who it had come from but I didn't look back as the door that was half open before shut behind me.

Once I was inside, I felt a presence near me. "Luna of the Moon Lupis pack" The wolf said from behind me as I felt two more reveal themselves from the shadows and block the entrance. The voice was familiar.

My eyes widened when one of the brothers we had met a while back appeared. The two other figures revealed themselves and my eyes widened in shock. Mike, Melissa and Moe....

"You're with them... you said you were Rogues. What the hell?" Panic surged through my body but I quickly calmed myself. Wait wasn't there three brothers and one sister? Where was the other one...what was his name, Manny?

"We are his children" Moe said, watching me carefully. I narrowed my eyes, realising I needed to go, this was no time for a conversation so I tried to think of a method to distract them.

"You are... his children? Your father is the Alpha or whatever?" I asked, trying to keep my voice steady as I looked for an escape route. They barked a mechanical laugh as they shared glances.

"He is your father too. HE IS EVERYBODY'S FATHER" Melissa looked mental as she said the last bit and I backed up slightly. "He is the one we look up too".

She was creeping me out way to much right now and I couldnt think of a way to escape.

"And where is this father...? And what does he want?" My eyes glanced around and Mike tilted his head slightly.

"We haven't seen father. Father doesnt like to be seen. That's why anyone who sees him dies. That is how your mother died."

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