Chapter 46

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He shot me a small smile before holding up the pillow. "I better get back to her incase she wakes up" He said with a nod then turned away, heading toward wherever Yasmin was. I watched him until he turned the corner and I let out a sigh.

That boy was tougher than me when I was his age. I pushed myself from the wall before going to head to the kitchen to try find Rick or Hanna. I knew even if I tried to sleep I wouldn't be able to, so many thoughts were flying through my mind.

I walked through the hall before the door from where Maisie was staying flung open.  I turned back to see a frantic Lauren look around before her eyes landed on me. "She's waking up!"


Maisie's POV:

I looked around in confusion, trying to focus. Things felt off and I felt light headed before people came into view. Once I focused I saw Lauren, Asher, Simon and my father all staring at me and it seemed some of them were talking to me but I heard nothing.

All I could hear was slight ringing in my ears and beeping. What was that beeping?

I looked around before seeing a monitor and as I followed it I saw I was attached to it. I stared at it in confusion and opened my mouth to ask what was going on but no words came out.

I brought my left hand to my throat in confusion as I tried to speak before feeling my hand being held. I looked to see who the hand belonged to and I saw Asher staring at me with worry.

His lips were moving and he looked toward my father who looked to be deep in thought. Slowly I began hearing noises other than the beeping as the ringing in my ears slowly disappeared. "Is she oka-"

"I hear you" I said, relief flooding over me from being able to hear and being able to talk. The moment I spoke all there heads turn to me and Laurens eyes formed with tears causing me to stare at her in surprise.

"What's going on?" I asked as Asher brought me into a small hug and kissed my forehead before pulling back and watching me cautiously, "Why am I here?" I asked and a frown formed on Simon's face.

"Can you remember anything?" He asked slowly and I tried to think. What was the last thing that went on. Suddenly memories came flooding back and everything replayed in my mind including when Yasmin...

"That was a dream right?" I tried to laugh, hoping it was fake and once I saw the grim look on each of there faces my heart dropped. The beeping on the monitor increased as my eyes darted around to all of them.

"Where is she?!" I panicked and Lauren let out a small sob, bringing her hand to her mouth and my lip trembled. She actually didn't make it...

"No... it's not fair! You're liars, bring her to me!!" The beeping increased and my father called out for someone as I ripped the needle out of me and everything that attached me.

"Maisie calm down!" Asher looked at me with worried eyes holding out his hands. I shot him a panicked and scared look before pushing myself out of the bed only to stumble and fall, not expecting my legs to be so weak.

"P-please Maisie, calm down!" Lauren begged while someone rushed into the room. When I looked up I noted it was Kylie and Noel. The doctor from my old pack and from my new pack. Noel reached down to me but I pushed him away.

"I don't need help!" I snapped pushing him off as I pulled myself up. I ran out of the room, looking left to right before running down the hall only to trip over someone and let out a cry. I rubbed my knee before looking behind me to see the person that had fallen too.

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