Chapter 21

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I whimpered, ignoring the snarls behind me of the last wolf who they had captured. I tried to see if she was breathing but all I could do was whine and nuzzle her still face. She was a mess, but she still seemed to look so beautiful.

'HANNA, EVA, COME HERE NOW!' I growled and both of them ran out of the gate now with full force.

'No no no Maisie!" Hanna cried while Eva just stared at her. Her tail was between her legs and her eyes looked dull and weak.

'I want you too to bring her in, gently! I don't want the guys to see her in this state' I growled and they nodded there head.

'I'm so sorry Alpha, we couldn't-'

'Now's not the time!' I snapped and they both lay down so I could put her body onto there back. Her hand just dropped to the side, lifeless and I closed my eyes, taking a deep breath so I wouldnt kill the other wolf.

She wasn't dead... my wolf would be gone if she was dead, My Maisie was still fighting!


Eva's POV: (Other people's POV's will be rare as it's usually about Maisie).

She truly was beautiful. Even in this condition... she seemed to make the perfect Luna. Why was I such a bitch to her? She didn't deserve it.

Sure she was bitchy with me too but I guess I started it, I was just upset since she was rejecting her mate and the role of becoming a Luna... it was irresponsible.

I told her I didn't trust her, that she was a bitch yet she saved me. Why did she do that?!

She wouldn't even let me fight or help her, she's so stupid!  What if she doesn't wake up?

I felt tears roll down my cheeks but I barely noticed them. A warm hand was placed on my shoulder and I felt a tight squeeze. I knew it was Rick in that moment.

"I was so horrible to her" I sobbed and I felt Rick pull me into a hug. I was frozen as I watched her body, I was surprised Asher wasn't with her today.

"I wasn't the friendliest either... I was just mad, the same as you. I thought she didn't fit the role" He mumbled into my ear and I just frowned. 

"Why did she do that though?! I was a complete bitch like she said and she was right! Me nor Hanna could do nothing to help her, I felt stuck. She wouldn't let us help!" I cried, spinning around to look Rick in his eyes.

He frowned.

"Because she's protective of her pack" I knew the voice straight away. Madena. I looked past Rick at the door and noticed Madena watching us. Her dark toned skin seemed to shine and her brown eyes sparkled.

"She''s not our Luna, she declined the offer" I frowned and she shook her head.

"She didn't officially reject it, she hasn't said the words. You saw how she helped Paul that day" Madena didn't look at me. She had her eyes on Maisie the whole time.

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