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"hey" tyler said into the phone with a soft voice. he didn't know how this conversation was gonna go.

"hey." she said. it sounded like she had been crying.

it was silent for a little bit, neither of them knowing what to say.

"would you rather talk in person?" tyler finally spoke up.

"i really don't want to see you right now." keelie said.

"i just don't feel like talking over the phone is gonna help anything." tyler sighed, rubbing his face.

"i guess. do you want me to come there?" she said.

"sure." tyler replied.

"alright. be there in a sec."

"alright bye, love you." tyler stood up.


tyler tossed his phone down, deciding to head downstairs to wait for her.

"hey honey what do you want for dinner?" kelly asked tyler once he made it down the stairs.

"i dunno, i'm okay with anything." he put a fake smile on.

"are you okay?" she asked, approaching him and rubbing his back.

"yeah i'm good. keels is about to come back and talk." tyler nodded.

"oh okay. let me know if you need anything." she kissed his head, before going back to her chair.

tyler sat and stared for a while, until the door opened and keelie walked in. they made eye contact, before heading straight to tyler's room.

"alright. so talk." keelie said.

"what do you want me to say?" he asked.

"how you feel about me." she shrugged.

"i mean, i still love you." tyler shrugged, keelie scoffing.

"you're acting like i'm the one in the wrong." she said, putting her hair up in a bun. tyler took a deep breath, trying to keep calm.

"i didn't say that." he paused. "i think we both are."

"we we're fine until you kissed that bitch." keelie said. tyler kind of chucked.

"i think our problems started the first time you cheated on me." tyler could tell that about set her off. they both were trying to remain as calm as they could.

"i don't see how you can use that as an argument when you also cheated."  keelie said, rage in her face.

"i kissed a girl. how many guys did you fuck?" tyler said.

"whatever." she rolled her eyes.

"no i'm asking keelie. you have never answered that question. we are too far into this to ignore it now. how many guys?" tyler said, his voice slightly raising.

"it. doesn't. matter."  she said.

"yea it actually kind of does. i admit it alright, i kissed ONE girl.  own up to your shit." tyler said.

"3. now you tell me who the fuck it was." keelie said. "you're right, we're too far into this so might as well be honest." she spat. tyler kinda laughed. it was way more than 3 guys.

"you want honesty? i don't even know her name." yeah tyler was lying. he knew it was wrong. but he also knew how it would ruin josh and zacks relationship, as well as his and zacks. and everyone.

"you really just didn't give a shit about me this whole relationship did you?"

"are you fucking kidding me keelie?  i have looked past SO much shit to avoid breaking up with you. i have ignored every little fucking fight you start. i am ALWAYS the one to apologize. you can say whatever the hell you want about me. i don't give a fuck. but don't EVER say i didn't give a shit about you. don't you EVER say i didn't love you. i sacrificed so much of my fucking life trying to make you happy, or-or trying to make you stay.  and in the past 2 out of 3 years, i have NEVER heard a genuine thank you. or a genuine i love you. YOU didn't give a shit about me. this is on YOU." tyler lost it. his staying calm didn't work very well.

keelie smiled, before starting to tear up and look away. she didn't say anything.

"i-i don't even know what to say." she said, laughing. "you are the most self centered piece of shit i have ever met. i came here to work shit out. and all your doing is making me hate you even more."

"no, you came here to break up with me. hell, you were about to do it on the phone. i wanted to work things out. after all the shit you've done, i STILL love you, but there is no way in hell i can keep going after this." tyler shook his head. he was standing up now, pacing the room.

"you know, you're right. i was gonna break up with you. you know why? because fuck you. fuck you, and-and your stupid fucking letters, and your stupid fucking gifts. fuck all of it," keelie got up, walking over to tyler. she started landing punching to his chest and face between her words. "i fucking hate you tyler! you are the worst thing that's ever happened to me!"

"fucking stop!" tyler yelled, trying to push her off. he didn't want to hurt her. he didn't know how to stop her.  "get the hell out of my house!"

keelie grabbed the picture frame from tylers desk, throwing it at the ground and shattering the glass. she tore her necklace off that tyler got for her, and threw it at him.

tyler was standing there, at a loss for words. he had no idea what to do. he didnt want to move. she picked up her phone from his bed, before looking at him.

"i'll bring your stuff and get mine another day." she said.

tyler stared at her as she walked out. he was frozen.

he stood there for probably 10 minutes. staring at the ground where the broken picture frame was. he wasn't crying. he didn't know what to do.

not too much longer, kelly knocked on his door softly before walking in when there was no answer.

"tyler?" she said. she looked at him, slightly gasping once she saw his bruised face. "sweetheart? what, what happened?"

"i didn't touch her momma." tyler finally spoke, the tears starting to come.

"i know honey. i know you wouldn't. what happened?" she ran in, and started to pick up the glass.

"i-i was just trying to talk about breaking up and and she started hitting me and yelling at me and breaking shit and i just i don't know what to do." he said, collapsing in the floor. "i don't know what happened."

"i know, i know" she sat next to him. "i heard her. it's okay." he cried into her shoulder.

"i'm sorry." tyler said.

"you have nothing to be sorry for. she needed to go." kelly said.

tyler sat with her for a while, just talking.  they started talking about other stuff. stuff to take tyler's mind off of everything that just happened. kelly cleaned up the mess, before giving tyler an ice pack for his face.

tyler was laying in bed now, finally having calmed down. he had quite a few noticeable bruises on his face, and a busted lip.  he couldn't believe keelie was capable of that.

he finally was able to fall asleep to some music. to try and relax a little and get a break from the throbbing of his face and head.

A/N: hallelujah she is GONE!!!!


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