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"it was good. thank you." josh said to his dad, heading up to his room after. he had just eaten dinner, that bill had cooked.

"you coming in here with me?" josh asked, when jordan followed him.

"yeah." he said, josh nodding. he turned on his tv, putting on spongebob. jordan climbed up on the bed with him.

"did you like the dinner?" josh asked.

"yeah i liked it because i did." jordan said, josh chuckling.

"good reason i guess." he said. he opened snap chat, and opening his snaps, first from tyler.

t: i don't care what you say

josh smiled. they were talking about their opinions on pickles. tyler liked them and josh hated them.

j: there's only one opinion that's right and it's mine

the next was a pic from brendon. it was just a picture of his face. he was wearing some big sunglasses that had colorful swirls all over them, and he had a blunt in between his lips. he didn't have a shirt on and you could see hickeys on his neck.

josh answered with a picture of his face, his mouth open. "hickeys i see 👀 "

t: it's called an opinion for a reason
t: not liking pickles is just childish at this point
t: like you probably order chicken strips at 5 star restaurants

j: that's none of your business
j: but yes i do

"are you texting?" jordan asked.

"yep." josh nodded.


"just my friends." josh chuckled. jordan crawled over, watching him open brendons snap.

it was a similar picture, just without the blunt, and brendon was sticking his tongue out. "come over and i'll show you what i been doin ;)"

"what does that say?" jordan asked, seeing josh smiling at the pic.

"he's just asking me to come over." josh said.

"are you going to?"

"if mom lets me." josh said. he took a picture of his jawline. "lemme see if i can:)"

josh texted his mom and ask if he could go to a friends house. she answered soon saying she didn't care. josh got everything ready to head over there.

t: see i told you
t: childish

j: you're childish for liking pickles
j: probably order like fuckin caviar

brendon send a picture of his blunt in between his fingers. "okay lmk"

josh sent in the chat part, saying he was on his way over. he had brendons address and knew how to get there.

he left, driving over to brendons. once he arrived, he knocked on the door, walking in after he heard a "come in"

"hey." josh smiled, waving at his parents.

"hey josh, how are you hun?" she asked.

"i'm good how are you?" josh replied.

"good, good! have fun." she said, josh smiling and walking up to brendons room.

he walked in, and brendon was sitting on his bed still smoking. he had no shirt on, and still had his sunglasses on. he had on some tie dye nike sweatpant shorts and socks.

"hey josh, wanna hit?" brendon asked, handing the almost gone blunt to him.

"sure," josh smiles, taking a deep breath before taking a small one. he only coughed a bit.

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