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"i'll take another bro." tyler said when brendon asked if anyone wanted more to drink.

"josh you good?" brendon asked.

"yeah i still got some." josh smiled, holding up his mikes hard.

tyler josh and brendon were all hanging out at brendons house in the pool, just drinking and having a good time.

tyler invited josh, which was an immediate yes especially now that brendon knew about them.

"thanks." tyler said, grabbing the drink out of brendons hand.

tyler loved being able to be open with him and josh in front of brendon. he was still to scared to do an immediate touching in front of him, but he was able to be himself.

"these are good. i never had them before." josh said, looking at the can. he was on his 5th one.

"yeah i love em. they don't even taste like alcohol." brendon said.

"fuck ugh. keelies blowing up my phone." tyler groaned, drying his hands off before grabbing it. she was calling him.

"hello?    im at brendons.   i've been in the pool.   no he doesn't want anyone else coming.    i already tried invited you he said no.    okay.   okay.  alright.    okay.    i love you too.   bye." tyler hung up the phone.

"what'd she say?" josh giggled. 

"she asked where i was and why i wasn't answering and then she asked if she could come." tyler chuckled, pushing his hair back. 

"yeah i don't think she'd wanna come and see this." brendon laughed.

"oh, definitely not. i though she was gonna kill me when she saw the hickey." tyler shook his head. "she slapped me pretty hard."

"she hit you?" josh asked. he didn't know that. 

"yeah." tyler nodded.

"that bitch. you can mess up this pretty face." josh smiled, rubbing his cheek.

"i know right that wouldn't be good for my porn star career." tyler said.

"please we know if anyone's a porn star it's brendon." josh laughed.

"i've already been in a porn." brendon smirked.

"seriously oh my god." josh laughed.  "how much did you make?"

"like $500 it was a pretty damn good deal all i had to do was put my dick in a few dudes and that was it." brendon shrugged. "and i didn't even get a std"

"was there in fact a risk of getting one?" tyler laughed.

"yeah the guy told me that they wouldn't be responsible if i did get one." brendon said. "god was on my side though."

"yeah. god being on your side while you're doing porn." tyler said, everyone laughing.

"it was a pretty good deal. wanna watch it?" brendon asked.

"ya know what sure." tyler laughed. brendon got out and grabbed his phone, pulling the video up. it was in fact a porn video with brendon banging some random guys.

"interesting." josh said.

"very interesting." tyler agreed.

"yeah. it was pretty fun." brendon shrugged and put his phone up, jumping back in the pool.

"where are your parents?" tyler asked, taking a drink. he was on like his 8th drink. him and brendon also took some shots.

"i don't even know man i was high as balls and they told me they wouldn't be home till tomorrow so i was like cool." brendon said.

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