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"what the fuck." brendon groaned, sitting up and looking around. he looked down, seeing he was completely naked, with a sock around his dick.

"what the actually hell," he laughed. someone drew a set of boobs on his stomach. he got up, and heading inside.

"we'll good morning beautiful how are you doing." tyler chuckled. he was making breakfast, and josh was sitting at the bar watching him. tyler was shirtless and so was josh.

"yeah yeah fuck off. who's guilty for this?" brendon laughed.

"that would be me." josh raised his hand.

"wow you took advantage of me." brendon faked wiping a tear away. he found his shorts and pulled them on.

"yeah sureee." he chuckled.

"what time is it?" brendon rubbed his head.

"it's only 10." tyler said.

"why do i always wake up early after i drink. makes no sense to me." he sighed.

"i do the same thing. i only slept like 3 hours last night though. me and josh stayed up all night talking." tyler said.

"talking. mhm." brendon smirked.

"alright other things were involved." tyler said, flipping his pancake.

"where is everyone?" brendon grabbed the ibuprofen.

"i moved justin and gage to my room last night and zack is still passed out in his room." tyler said. brendon nodded, taking his pills with the bottle of vodka.

"i'm gonna smoke, anyone wanna join?" brendon asked.

"sure." josh said.

"me too lemme finish this up." tyler nodded. he put the pan to the side and turned the burner off. he kissed josh quickly before walking out with him.

they headed outside, sitting on the furniture. josh and brendon on the couch, and tyler across from them on the table. brendon rolled a joint.

"how are y'all so sneaky i don't get it." brendon said.

"you mean like hooking up?" tyler asked.

"yeah." he nodded.

"well zacks a heavy ass sleeper, so when josh stays the night and keelie isn't here he just comes to my room. or when josh is at his house we sneak out and meet up. just shit like that." tyler shrugged, taking the joint.

"damn that's impressive." brendon nodded.

"it's worked so far." josh shrugged. he passed on the joint.

"did i throw up last night?" brendon laughed, pointing to a spot outside.

"yeah, you tried to go inside because you didn't want to 'get my yard dirty' tyler laughed.

"what the fuck." brendon laughed. "how about joshs here he do any dumb shit." he nudged him.

"all josh did was try to convince zack to be gay for a day." tyler said.

"yeah he didn't like the idea very much." josh giggled. "speak of the devil."

"y'all talkin shit?" zack asked, sitting next to josh.

"we were talking about how you wouldn't go gay for the day." josh said.

"yeah, no thanks. i'll leave that up to you." zack said, taking a small hit off the joint.

"finish it." brendon said. he took a couple hits from his bong. "i'm high as fuck."

"we can tell mother fucker." tyler said, referring to his eyes.

justin and gage walked down there, talking with them a bit before they helped clean up and then left. brendon left a little later, leaving the three boys.

after, tyler went to his room, and zack and josh went to zacks.

"how drunk did you get last night?" josh asked zack.

"shit, not super but i was pretty fucky." zack said.

"yeah me too. brendon was just crossed as fuck." josh chuckled. he heard tyler's shower turn on.

"i gotta shower too, bad." josh said.

"alright man." zack said, turning on the tv.

josh grabbed some stuff, going in zacks shower. he shut and locked the door, immediately grabbing his phone and sending tyler a pic of him in the mirror.

tyler answered after a few minutes, with a picture of his face and wet hair. he stuck his tongue out. "did you take a shower simply so you could get dick picks?"

josh snapped a pic of his chest. "maybe i was horny"

tyler answered with his hand holding his dick up. "i really, really wanna fuck you right now."

josh huffed, he really wanted it too. he took a picture of his dick. "ugh. tonight. please."

when tyler answered, he was out of the shower and sent a mirror picture. "yes please;)"

josh smiled, finishing up his shower and heading back outside with zack.

A/N: i forgot how to write 😁

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