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"what movie are we watching?" josh asked zack, who was changing into some more comfortable clothes.

"the newer willy wonka. jay wanted to watch it. he loves that movie." zack smiled.

"oh cool i like it too." josh said.

"you haven't asked if tylers gonna watch it with us." zack said, chuckling.

"oh y-yeah i was gonna." he said. "is he?"

"yeah. wow it's like you're actually getting over him. you haven't talked about him in forever." zack said, laughing.

"yeah, i guess so." josh shrugged and laughed. yeah sure, zack can believe that.

they headed downstairs, seeing everyone sitting. tyler and keelie were still in his room. josh and zack sat on one of the two couches, zack sat next to the arm, and josh sat next to him. him and zack got one of the two blankets and shared it. maddy and jay were on the other one, chris and kelly in their recliners.

"there y'all are. alright let's start it." chris said, starting the movie.

tyler walked in front of josh causally like they didn't jerk off to each other the night before, sitting down next to him on the couch. zack nudged joshs arm, josh nudging him back. tyler noticed and smirked a little bit.

they all put their feet up on the ottoman, and tyler and keelie grabbed the other blanket.

tyler was sitting closer to josh than if it was just any other situation. there was plenty more room for him to scoot over, but he sat right next to him. obviously for a reason.

tyler over lapped their blankets, so he could slide his hand under joshs, and slowly trace it up his thigh. josh spread his legs more towards tyler, so he could comfortably rest his hand on joshs mid thigh.

josh smiled softly, looking over and sneaking a glance at tyler who was talking to keelie. she had no idea.

neither did zack. no one knew that tylers hand was slowly inching up joshs thigh, which was what made it even better.

they've sent nudes a few times, three to be specific. pretty much every other other night. they haven't been able to get together again yet, so that's all they had.

josh didn't really know why tyler just decided to want to start this little secret friends with benefits situation. maybe it was his unhealthy relationship and how keelie treats him. maybe he cheats all the time and just decided to test his sexuality a bit. he didn't know. and honestly, didn't really mind. maybe it was just because josh was hot.

but he did want to know why.

"i had sex with cami the other day." zack whispered to josh. josh almost snorted out laughing.

"ohmygod, was it good?" he giggled quietly.

"hell yeah it was." he said back, laughing.

"i call dibs on her next." josh said.

"you can have her. just so she'll stop texting me." zack said, showing josh the text he just got from her. that just said hey.

"well i don't want her to text me so never mind." josh chuckled. he cleared his throat a little, as tylers grip tightened on his thigh, and slid higher. he didn't like not being joshs main focus he guessed. josh turned his attention back to the tv, moving his leg a little closer.

josh saw keelies hands were out from under the blanket, and her legs werent on tyler, so he took a risk and slid his hand under the blankets so it was under tylers. his hand came to rest on tylers lower stomach.

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