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"i don't ever wanna leave." josh sighed, catching the football and throwing it back. him and zack were together and tyler and brendon were further away and they were playing catch.

today was thursday, and they we're leaving saturday morning.

"i know i wanna move here so bad." zack said. he fixed his hair and put his hat back on.

"we need to get you laid tonight." josh said, zack laughing.

"shittt i haven't seen any id be interested in so far." zack said.

"yeah i haven't seen any that's your type." josh agreed. brendon and tyler walked up to them.

"do y'all know what time it is?" tyler asked.

"no, we can go check." zack said. the boys headed back on the sand.

"bro it's 6, how long have we been out here damn?" tyler said.

"uhhh i think we came out at like 2." josh said.

"jesus. we should go back and get ready to go eat probably." zack said, all of the boys agreeing.

they went up and rinsed off before heading inside their condo.

"boys, what time do you wanna go eat?" kelly asked.

"probably around 8, we need to shower and everything." tyler said.

"okay." kelly replied, the boys going into their room.

tyler showered first, coming out in shorts and no shirt. josh went next, then brendon and currently zack was in the shower.

"bro i can't believe your parents believed that shit." brendon laughed, towel drying his hair.

"what? oh the hickeys? yeah i don't fuckin know how." tyler laughed, laying on the bed with josh and wrapping his arm around him.

everyone saw the hickeys tyler left on josh the next morning, and obviously that sparked a conversation. luckily, they were able to play it off as a 'truth or dare' game....

"at least dad was kinda expecting something." tyler shrugged.

"yeah, that worked out good." brendon laughed, hitting his cart before handing it to tyler. "that basketball camp is next week bro."

"fuck, i forgot about that." tyler sighed. they had a camp they had to help out with at OSU.

"what do you have to do?" josh asked.

"a bunch of high schoolers come up and we do like training and shit with them. it sucks." tyler said. he kissed the side of joshs head.

"ill pretend i'm on the basketball team i'll go." josh said.

"oh yeah?" tyler chuckled. he leaned down and connected their lips. "i love you."

"i love you." josh said back, kissing him again.

"okay, we have two options for dinner- ohmygod!!" kelly gasped.

oh shit.

tyler and josh didn't even try to move. they were frozen. brendon's eyes went wide as he looked back and forth between them, and slowly sneakily hid his cart under the blanket.

"no way!!! oh my god!! chris, chris it finally happened!! i knew it!!" kelly squealed.

"w-what?" tyler stuttered, moving away from josh who was almost in tears.

"you're kidding!" they heard chris say and laugh from the kitchen as he walked into the room.

"mom i-i'm sorry-" tyler started but was cut off.

"no, no honey," she smiled big. "i knew it! i'm so happy for you two!!"

"okay. i am officially so confused." tyler said.

"son, we knew you had eyes for josh, you didn't hide it very well." chris snorted.

"i have no words." josh said.

"yo what's going on?" zack asked, walking out of the bathroom.

"apparently mom and dad knew about me and josh." tyler nervously laughed.

"we didn't know for sure but we figured something was going on. you used to never spend that much time with zack." kelly said.

"woah offensive." zack said. "so like, now everyone knows?"

"well me and your father." kelly smiled. "and we're very very happy for you too. we love you josh and we know you're good for our boy."

"thank you." josh blushed, leaning against tyler.

"well i guess that made it pretty easy." brendon said.

kelly laughed, walking back out. chris stayed in the room.

"oh and brendon?" chris said quietly.

"yes sir?" brendon asked.

"can i hit your pen?"


this is really weirdly written but at least i got something out haha

update with me, i got two tattoos! i got "melt your headaches call it home" and i got a ski mask tattoo!

how's yalls summer been?

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